Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week 12: Playoff Push

Thanksgiving Day games have not been good recently, but I expect different this year. There are three good match ups. TheLionsPackersCowboysDolphinsRavens, and 49ers are all respectable teams. This week, divisional races will become more convoluted. Especially the NFC East. No one wants to win, so the Eagles will come and snatch it.

Green Bay vs Detroit-  The unstoppable Packers roll into Detroit for Thanksgiving dinner. Aaron Rodgers is a human. Last week vs Tampa Bay he looked frustrated at times, but then he was spectacular when it counted. The Lions looked terrible in the beginning of the game but thanks to three Cam Newton interceptions they came back and won by 14. Detroit's offense is iffy at best. Stafford has to play better for this team to make the playoffs. The Packers will leave Detroit with two dinner plates. Their own and the Lions.


Miami vs Dallas- Do not adjust your television, the Miami Dolphins are a good football team. They play 10 different running backs but they get the job done. Matt Moore is not playing break but he is not turning the football over. The Cowboys were a missed kick away from losing to the Redskins last week. This game will not need snow or Leon Lett for the Dolphins to win. Upset.


San Francisco vs Baltimore- For all you people who do not think the 49ers are for real, we will find out this week. The Ravens are a good football team and will be a good barometer to judge the 49ers. These two teams are a near mirror imago of each other. Great linebacker, great running back, and, decent wide receivers. They both want to run the football and play great defense. This game will be about who executes the best.

Winner: 49ers

Minnesota vs Atlanta- The future of Christian Ponder is still up in the air. At times he look like he may be a franchise quarterback, but other times he looks like he is back at Florida State. No Adrian Peterson. Big problem. The Falcons got a gift with this game, rookie quarterback and no running game. If the Falcons cam keep Jared Allen away from Matt Ryan this will be an easy win.


Carolina vs Indianapolis- Superman has been Clark Kent for the last few weeks. These are the breaks of a rookie NFL quarterback. He started off cooking with Crisco, but hit the rookie wall. I think Cam will get some of momma home cooking this week and rebound for the end of the season. It does not hurt they are playing the Colts this week. There is nothing good happening in Indianapolis right now. Well, Pat Anger is leading the league in tackles.


Tampa Bay vs Tennessee- Tampa Bay was very impressive even with loss to the Packers last week. LeGarrett Blount decided he didn't need any blockers to run to the ball last week. He easily broke 20 tackles in the game. If he runs like that this week the Bucs have a chance to turn their season around. The Titans will be very motivated to win this week because they still have a chance to win the AFC South with Matt Shaub out in Houston. Chris Johnson had what we thought was a breakout game two weeks ago. Then, last week he was under 15 yards. Expect another low output from him.


Arizona vs St Louis- This is a NFC West showdown. Yes I said that with a straight face. Kevin Kolb should be back this week for the Cardinals. Hopefully his time off helps him play better. I expected the Cardinals to have a few more wins at this point in time. Boy are they disappointing this year. The Rams expected to have a couple more wins too, but injuries have been mean to them.


Cleveland vs Cincinnati- I told y'all Cleveland was going to max out at 14 points last week. Where did they end the game?...14. Please listen to the Cleveland radio host go crazy on his Browns. That is 10 minutes audio that will make your day better. The Bengals lost to the top two teams in their division (Ravens, Steelers), but they are still for real. They have a chance to pick up another game of their division leaders and possibly sneak in the playoffs.


Houston vs Jacksonville- I picked Jacksonville last week and they let me down. This week, they play a better team with a question mark at quarterback. I worked out this summer with Matt Leinart and I think he is ready for his opportunity this year. The Texans control their own playoff destiny, and won't fall short. I think Jaguars fans are wondering if Blaine Gabbert is really the answer at quarterback. They are also wondering where is the pro bowl tight end they gave 35 million to this offseason. Maurice Jones-Drew cannot win games on offense alone.

Winner: TEXANS

Buffalo vs New York Jets- Am I the one who said the Bills had 9-7 written all over them? I was wrong. Make it 7-9. Now that they have lost their bell cow Fred Jackson, their playoff chances are out of the window. The Jets just came off losing a game everyone expected them to win. New York should rebound this week vs the exploding Bills. The only person who can change the outcome of this game is Mark Sanchez. If he plays terribly, the Jets may lose.

Winner: JETS

Pittsburgh vs Kansas City- Pittsburgh is a good football team and potential Super bowl team. Even though the Chiefs have added Kyle Orton, this game will be a mere speed bump for the Steelers.


Denver vs San Diego- Do you believe in Tebow yet? John Elway isn't sold long term either. The Broncos defense is fierce and fast right now. Rookie Von Miller is a nightmare off the edge and has been a force against the run and pass. WTH is going on with Phillip Rivers? Seriously, he is awful right now. He leads the league in interceptions and is the main reason for the Chargers struggles. Ryan Matthews gets hurt every game so if Tolbert is out they are down to a guy they didn't expect to get more that 20 carries on the season. I believe in Tebow and definitely do not believe in Rivers (this year).


Washington vs Seattle-The Redskins put Rex Grossman back at quarterback, and guess what happened? They played well and would have beat the Cowboys if Gano could make a FG. They have to make a long trip to the West Coast and home of the 12th man. Seattle has been playing well they last couple weeks and should continue this week.


Chicago vs Oakland- The Bears were looking like the second best team in the NFL. For weeks I have been saying I was waiting for Cutler to lose games and blow the season. Well he is going to indirectly do both now that he is out for the season. The Bears front seven can't play quarterback. Haine will have a chance to prove himself and save the Bears season. Carson Palmer looks like the QB who took the Bengals to the playoffs. Oakland is running the ball well and playing great defense.


New England vs Philadelphia- Philadelphia is likely entering a second game in a row without Vick at quarterback. Can Vince Young win 2 games in a row? Not throwing three picks again he can't. The Patriots do have the last rated pass defense in the league so that should help him out. Expect the Phily defense to press across the board and blitz Brady anytime they line up in empty. That recipe was successful for the Steelers. Another good sign for the Eagles is that the Patriots don't have a real running game so they should be able to pin their ears back and get after Brady some.

Winner: EAGLES

New York Giants vs New Orleans- This is a great matchup for Monday Night. This game means so much to both teams. They are both leading their closely contested division. A loss would muddy divisional waters and open up the door for chaos. I still have the Eagles making the playoffs. So that is influencing my pick for this game. New Orleans is getting hot at the right time. Brees and the offense are becoming the high powered team we are used to seeing.

Winner: SAINTS

Thursday, November 17, 2011

NFL WInners/Losers: Week 11

This week in the NFL features some great games. One of the biggest questions is "Can Tebow beat the Jets?". A win would give the Broncos a chance to win the AFC West. If the Eagles beat the Giants who will win the NFC East? The Detroit Lions are on a slippery slope right now. A couple more losses and the season that started out with such promise will be lost. The Bills, Bengals, Falcons, Jets, and Cowboys all have question marks surrounding them and their season. It's time for teams and players to put up or shut up.

As usual, don't be mad at me, the facts are the facts. I just simply state them. Leave a comment!

New York Jets vs Denver- You can hate on Tim Tebow all you want, but the Broncos are 3-1 since he has taken over as the starter. It doesn't look pretty or traditional, but wins are wins. It is almost inexplicable that the Broncos won last week with Tebow only completing 2 passes. Now the Broncos will add another degree of difficulty to winning. Their top two running backs (Knowshon Moreno, Willis McGahee) are out for the season. This week the Jets come to town. Could Tim Tebow have any more adversity? There is NO reason the Broncos should win this game. But guess what...?

Rex Ryan is growing increasingly critical of his quarterback he "loves" so much. When the Jets miss the playoffs, Ryan and Sanchez will be on the hot seat.


Tennessee vs Atlanta- Look who showed up and decided he wanted to start playing football, Chris Johnson. He had a season high 130 yards last week and is starting to look like his old self. The Falcons defense will be on red alert to know where CJ2k is at all times. Last week Atlanta handed the Saints a victory so how will they respond against the Titans? The Titans will also be playing inspired because the Texans have lost Matt Shaub for the season, and may have given Tennessee an opportunity to win the division.


Oakland vs Minnesota- Jacoby Ford and Darren McFadden are both questionable for this weekend. Carson Palmer played pretty well and won last week. It didn't hurt that the Raiders have one of the best backup running backs in the league in Michael Bush. Last week he rushed for 157 yards and should have another good rushing game against the Vikings defense. Christian Ponder has been showing some signs of promise since he took over the starting job in Minnesota, but Adrian Peterson is the key to their offense. Teams stack the box to stop Peterson because they don't think Ponder can beat them with his arm. If you stop AP, you stop the Vikings.


Dallas vs Washington- Dallas Cowboys fans were jumping around, pounding their chest after they beat down the Bills like they are not 5-4. Tony Romo did play his best game of the season, but in reality what did he do? He did what he always does. He gets you all excited only to set you up for a huge fall later. Romo is a great QB, but he and Phillip Rivers will be the Drew Bledsoe and Boomer Esiason of this decade. Great QBs, no championships.

Washington recently made the move back to Rex Grossman to start at quarterback. I still cannot figure out why Shanahan benched him in the first place. He played one bad game. In the NFL, you can't plat QB shuffle and expect to win. The Redskins will play better now they have Grossman back in the lineup.


Carolina vs Detroit- I am starting to think Matthew Stafford is not anywhere as good as we thought he was. He is inaccurate lately, and looked confused and frustrated against the Bears. Stafford can't get Calvin Johnson the ball enough and Brandon Pettigrew drops too many passes. The Lions offense is like the stock market, high highs, and low lows. You never know what you are going to get from week to week. One week they score 35 points and look like they are ready to make the playoff run. The next week they score 3 and look like the Lions that went 0-16. If the Lions want to win they have to start running the football and not have Stafford throw the ball 63 times.

Carolina fans, do not be alarmed. Cam Newton just hit the rookie wall last week. It happens to everyone. He will be ok either this week or next week. The Cam Newton express will explode this week vs the Lions. Steve Smith and Olsen will have a big game.

The Lions are on the road to missing the playoffs right now.


Seattle vs St Louis- After a shootout with the Browns last week (12-13), the Rams should be poised to put up at least 14 points this week. The Rams running game should have a good day against a defense that allowed 139 yards to DeMarco Murray two weeks ago. I have been very critical of Tavaris Jackson this year so I must give him credit now. He made some great plays last week to beat the Ravens. The Rams are only allowing 220 ypg through the air so we will see if Jackson can keep this up.


Kansas City vs New England- Kansas City showed us their true colors vs the Dolphins. The Chiefs will have a little extra energy because the game is on Monday Night and will put up a fight. Matt Cassel does have an opportunity to put up some big numbers against the last ranked pass defense in the league.  The student battles the teacher. This game will come down to one player, Tom Brady.


Cincinnati vs Baltimore- The Bengals hung tough with the Steelers last week and showed they are not pretenders. This young team is hear to stay. Andy Dalton has played himself right into serious conversation for NFL offensive rookie of the year. If the Bengals were in a different division they would have an opportunity to win it. I predicted the Ravens would lose to Seattle last week. If you pay attention to the patterns and the pulse of this team, you get a good idea for the result of the game that week. This week, if A.J. Green plays at at least 85% it will be another tough game for the Ravens.


Buffalo vs Miami- Boy, has the Buffalo train lost steam or what? I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Again I say, the Bills are a 9-7 team and will have something to build on for the future. The Bills defense started the season getting takeaways at a feverish pace. That has since slowed, and so have their wins. Fitzpatrick is a good QB but with his cast of wide outs his job is tough against great corners. The Miami defense is less that stellar, so I do expect Buffalo to put on a better showing that they did against the Cowboys. Miami has surged the last two weeks, but they are not powerful enough to stop Fred Jackson and the Bills offense.


San Diego vs ChicagoThis is a game featuring two teams that are going in completely opposite directions. Phillip Rivers is just a step above awful this season. All his receivers numbers are down and his interceptions are up. Chicago, on the other hand, is turned up to max. This team could not play any better right now. It seems like Devin Hester runs a kick back every game, and is the stark plug for this Bears team. Chicago's front seven will give Rivers hell all game. I am waiting on Jay Cutler to be the Jay Cutler we all know, but we may have to wait until the end of the season or playoffs.


Tampa Bay vs Green Bay- The better you finish the season before, the tougher your schedule is the next season. The inability to run the football plus the schedule is the reason for the Buccaneers struggles. Josh Freeman has 13 interceptions this year and his receivers lead the league in drops. It won't get any easier this week when they head to Lambeau. Aaron Rodgers is playing so well over the last two seasons it is scary. I do not think the Packers can be beat while he is playing like this. He is throwing the ball over 30 times per game, completing over 70% of his passes, and is only hitting guys in Packer helmets with the football. The Packers are an unstoppable force right now.


Jacksonville vs Cleveland- Recently I was asked if I had something against my former team because I rarely pick them to win. Reality is, they have only won 3 games. The game against the Ravens no one expected them to win and the Titans was a a 'pick em' in week 1. I don't have anything against the Jags. I just call it like the facts tell me I should. In this game vs the Browns, the facts say there are only 2 elite offensive play makers on the field. One being Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas, and the other Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew. I'm going with the guy who can actually score touchdowns.

Yes I did use a picture of myself...*shrugs... I like it! It was the game winning TD.


Arizona vs San Francisco- People will look at this at this game and say, "the Cardinals beat the Eagles, so they can beat the 49ers". I will tell those people, slow down. The Eagles constantly make terrible mistakes and turn the ball over. Now the 49ers on the other hand, do not beat themselves. They run they ball, and don't turn it over. Alex Smith looks like a #1 overall pick. San Fran is not 8-1 by accident. They are playing winning football.

Arizona needs another play maker on offense to open it up for Fitzgerald. They also need a quarterback to play well because Kolb has been hurt, and even when healthy hasn't produced great results. The Cardinals best scoring weapon other than Fitzgerald is CB Patrick Peterson. He has 3 punt returns for touchdowns this year. No rookie has done more to help their team win this year.

WINNER: 49ers

Philadelphia vs New York Giants- Call me crazy, but I still have not given up on the Eagles making the playoffs! The NFC East is going to get very muddy going down the stretch. I can't wait to see who rises to the occasion and who fades by the wayside. This game and every other game this season is a "must win" for the Eagles. There is no room for slipping. The biggest problem with this Eagles team is the Eagles. They turn the ball over, drop passes, and just make bonehead plays. You can't win football games like that. The Eagles secondary will be tested by Eli, Nicks, and Manningham. Whoever wins this match-up will win the game.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

NFL Week 10 WInners/Losers

If you are a fan of the Cowboys, Jaguars, Ravens, Bears, or Jets be prepared to throw your hat on the ground in disgust. Week 10 will be headlined by upsets. Can Ben Roethisberger fend off the young Bengals? You cannot argue against facts, and these are the facts. Leave a comment!

New York Giants vs San Francisco- I am still a huge skeptic of the 49ers. Alex Smith is playing like Trent Dilfer. He is not winning the games, but more importantly, he is not losing it. The 49ers are playing good offense, good defense, and good special teams. When you don't have an elite QB,you win football games by playing great defense, running the ball, and not turning the ball over. Eli Manning is having what could be his best season. With no Ahmad Bradshaw, the Giants won't run the ball well against this defense. Eli won't be able to pass his way out of this pickle. San Francisco is going manage the game to a tee. 49ers

New England vs New York Jets- What is going on with the New England pass defense? They are terrible. What is going on with the Jets run defense? They are terrible? We are so used to seeing Tom Brady playing like there is no defense on the field that we are calling his play bad right now. He is still rated one of the top QBs in the league. He is only a man, he cannot shatter the record books every season. The guy he is facing, Mark Sanchez, is never confused with an elite QB. Even if the Jets allow Sanchez to throw the ball 40 times, he still cannot shred the Patriots defense. The Jets will try to run and control the game, but it won't happen. The Patriots are going to score early and get a few picks off Sanchez passing to catch up. PATRIOTS

Denver vs Kansas City- The Chiefs pulled to 4-4 and fooled some people with a win over the Chargers. I didn't fall for it. They only have wins over the Vikings, Colts, Raiders (week after losing Jason Campbell), and Chargers. Last week they showed their true colors against winless Miami. I am rooting for Tim Tebow, but in 3 starts it has been a mixed bag. 2 wins, but less than stellar play at the same time. At the end of the day the NFL is judged in wins. I give you the baby "Tebowing". BRONCOS

Arizona vs Philadelphia- When this season started, the Cardinals thought the trade for Kevin Kolb would be what they needed to make a playoff run in the NFC West. The Kolb-to-Fitzgerald combo is not producing wins right now. This game will be open season on the Cardinals meager defense. If the Eagles can keep from shooting themselves in the foot with turnovers, they will win going away. The Eagles will still finish 10-6 and make the playoffs. EAGLES

Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati- When the season started no one could have predicted this game would actually have playoff implications. Cincinnati has piled up wins due to a favorable schedule and great play. Now in the home stretch of the season it's time to play the big boys. It's put up or shut up time for the Bengals. The AFC North is a tough division headlined by the Ravens and Steelers. Pittsburgh just came off a heartbreaking loss against the Ravens and looks to rebound against the new look Bengals. This game has upset written all over it. I will say, in big games the Steelers have done the exact opposite of my prediction. So... BENGALS

New Orleans vs Atlanta- This is another huge divisional game this week. Barring injury to their quarterback, the winner of this game will win the NFC South. Drew Brees has to stop throwing the other team the ball. Matt Ryan has to win a big game against an elite QB. The Saints have a couple players out on defense so the Falcons should run the ball pretty well. FALCONS

St. Louis vs Cleveland- This is the game we have all been waiting for all season... not so much. This game will come down to playmakers. Cleveland has virtually NO offense playmakers except Joe Thomas. Unfortunately for the Browns he plays left tackle. St. Louis on the other hand has a few at running back and receiver. RAMS

Buffalo vs Dallas- The Bills ruined a golden opportunity last week against against the Jets to prove they were for real. Buffalo still has 9-7 written all over them, but are a good team. Fitzpatrick has to play better for them to continue to win. The Cowboys are schizophrenic. They are good and terrible at the same time. In the first half they look like Super Bowl contenders, but in the second they look like the team that is going to miss the playoffs. The up and down trend will continue this week. BILLS

Jacksonville vs Indianapolis- What a difference Peyton Manning 

makes. 3 years ago, this game was critical in deciding who would win the AFC South. 1 year ago, this game was critical to the Colts getting a first round playoff bye. This year, this game is critical in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. The Colts pass rush is going to give young Blaine Gabbert all he can handle. If the Jaguars can't get Maurice Jones-Drew going the Colts are actually going to look like a good team and ruin their perfect season. COLTS

Detroit vs Chicago- The Lions march into soldier field to further prove they are ready to take the next step and make the playoffs. Detroit's offense has been inconsistent all season. To make the playoffs and actually win a game, they have to be consistent. The best thing Chicago has going is their defense. Jay Cutler is inconsistent and erratic. He has played too many good games in a row. A disaster is on its way. LIONS

Tennessee vs Carolina- Cam Cam Cam. Cam Newton has shown up in impressive fashion every week this season. Sunday will be no different. If Chris Johnson gets off the bus with his game face on, this game could be full of big plays and superstars. Matt Hasselbeck is playing at a high level, but without Kenny Britt their passing game has lacked a go-to receiver. If Chris Johnson shows up, Titans win. If not, the Carolina Cams will win. TITANS

Houston vs Tampa Bay- Last year, the Bucs ran the football to a 10-6 record , and Josh Freeman looked like the next best thing. This year Freeman looks like he ate the same thing Phillip Rivers did. He just does not look like the same guy. On the other hand, Matt Shaub looks like Matt Shaub, one of the leagues better quarterbacks. Arian Foster is running wild on the league again. No Andre Johnson, No problem. TEXANS

Baltimore vs Seattle- Good news Ravens fans... You are coming off two consecutive emotional comeback wins. Bad News... This week they face the Seahawks in Seattle. Every time I look at this game I see Baltimore vs Jacksonville on Monday night. Upset. SEAHAWKS

Washington vs Miami- Washington has dropped 4 straight. With no running back or quarterback the Redskins are on a paved road to nowhere. Reggie Bush was a couple yards away from his second consecutive and third career 100 yard game. He should get 100 yards this week and Miami pull out back to back wins. MIAMI

Minnesota vs Green Bay- The best team in the NFC North and best team in the NFL faces the worst team in their division. Guess who is going to win this one? PACKERS

Friday, November 11, 2011

Shocking finish: Pacquiao vs Marquez III

When you hear the name Manny "Pacman" Pacquaio the first thing you think is; will he and Floyd "Money" Mayweather ever fight. Pacquiao has a fight on Saturday November 12 vs Juan Manuel Marquez. All this Mayweather talk needs to stop until this fight is over. Am I the only person who thinks Juan Manuel Marquez has a chance to beat Pacquiao? I will remind you , these two have fought two 12 round blood fests that could have gone either way on the score cards. The first fight they fought to a draw, and the second Pacquiao won by a narrow split decision. This fight will not be a cake walk.

Manny has won his last 14 fights, and the last 7 he has been spectacular. He is at the top of his game, how could he lose? If you have tuned in to HBO's 24/7 about the fight, you will notice that a lot of training has changed in the Marquez camp. Marquez has added a strength and conditioning coach to improve his speed. Most notably, he has stopped drinking his own urine. When you add the positive changes, and the history of their epic duels, you realize this could be a disaster for Pacquiao. This is a guy who can take Pacquaio's power and continue to dish out punishment in return. In boxing, "styles make fights". Pacquiao is fast, powerful, aggressive, unconventional, and sometimes careless. There are times he takes punches, but he has an iron chin. Marquez is strong, tough, a good counter puncher, and has a heart the size of Mexico. When you add those things up it means one punch can change this fight. All you people who want to see Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight should be happy. This fight will bring the tickets prices down just a little bit.

Prediction: Pacquiao loses by KO or TKO.

And after Pacquiao losses, guess what he wins... a drug test and a date with "el diablo". LOL. That will be two consecutive losses and will end the discussion about who is really the "pound for pound" champion.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guess who is #1? Top 10 QBs All-Time

The Top 10 Quarterbacks list took a lot of time, hard work, dedication, and study. If you do not agree with the list you are wrong. There are a couple players who are playing their way on this list right now (Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees). I'll start with the honorable mentions and work my way to number one. 

Dan Fouts- Hall of Famer and an Oregon Duck. He was the first quarterback to pass for over 4,000 yards three consecutive seasons, was selected two times All-Pro, and two times 2nd team All-Pro. He passed for over 40,000 yards and also won NFL offensive player of the year.

Fran Tarkenton- The proof is in the pudding. Tarkenton passed for 47,003 yards and 342 TDs. He was selected to nine Pro Bowls, was league MVP in 1975, and was All-Pro two times. Only one problem, no championships.

Doug Williams- First Black QB to win Super Bowl MVP. The QB was looked at as a white man's position and for a long time and he helped change that. Doug gets on the list simply because he changed the game by breaking ground and paving the way for a new era of players.

10. Warren Moon- He amassed over 49,000 passing yards and 291 touchdowns in the NFL alone. When you add his CFL and NFL career together, you see how truly great he was. He amassed over 70,000 yards 400 touchdowns. Moon was clearly an NFL quarterback, but was forced to the CFL because black quarterbacks were not given the same opportunity to lead NFL franchises as they are today. He was selected to 9 Pro Bowls, and was NFL league MVP in 1990. Moon, along with Doug Williams and James"Shack" Harris proved that great quarterbacks have no color.

9. Brett Favre- He played at a high level until he was 40. The season before his last with the Vikings could have arguably been his finest if he had reached or won the Super Bowl. He is one of the best to play the position, but his stats are a product of inevitability with the number of years played. If it were not for a 1.5:1 touchdown to interception ratio he would be in the Top 5. But I will say, if he was not one of the greatest he could not have done it for this long at such a high level. He won't WOW you with completion percentage or accuracy but he has everything you ask for in a great QB: Toughness, Leader, Winner, MVP, and Champion.

8. Dan Marino- Marino piled up a ton of stats but couldn't stack them on top of a championship. People will argue that his unbelievable numbers make him the best of all time, but they don't. Kareem Abul-Jabbar has easily scored the most points in NBA history and 3rd all-time in rebounds but we don't call him the greatest of all-time. I cannot put him in the Top 5 because he has no championships. The reason he has no championships is because he never had a running game. His philosophy was why run the football when he could throw it further than they could run each play.

7. Kurt Warner- This Arena League QB who went undrafted out of college has turned into one of the best quarterbacks the league has ever seen. He bagged groceries for $5.50 per hour to earn money for his family and lived with his in-laws to keep his NFL dream alive. Now, Warner is a future Hall of Famer and owns the three highest single game passing yardage totals in Super Bowl history. He also earned the NFL league MVP twice and was the MVP of Super Bowl XXXIV. Warner has cemented his place in NFL history; all you have to do is check the record books.

6. John Elway- California boy from Granada Hills HS (which is minutes from my house, FYI). When you hear "The Drive" you already know what game they are referring to (Jan. 11 1987 Denver Broncos vs Cleveland Browns in the AFC Championship game). He has championships, wins, played in five Super Bowls, and basically invented the 4th quarter comeback stat! Not only was he selected to nine Pro Bowls, he is also a two-time Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP, and 1987 league MVP.

5. Steve Young- If "Montana to Rice" was a good combo "Young to Rice" was even better. He helped revolutionize the position to what it is today. Teams only wanted a "pocket" passer until Young showed how much a mobile quarterback could help the offense. Three time Super Bowl champion. Two-time NFL MVP. Young holds numerous NFL records including highest career passer rating (98.6), and most rushing touchdowns by a QB (43). And he did it all with a disability, he's left-handed. Joke. LOL

4. John Unitas- Innovator of the passing game. He revolutionized the QB position therefore he changed the game. There would be no Jerry Rice or Randy Moss without Unitas because there would be no Young, Montana, or Brady. I would not be acknowledging history if I left "Johnny U" off the list. Its like Michael Jordan. A better/more talented player may come along but he will always be regarded as the man who changed the game; the original QB. He was league MVP three times and still owns the NFL record for most consecutive games with a TD pass (47) which has stood since 1960!

3. Tom Brady-This man has three championships. Brady, aka the "Check Down King" is calm, cool, and collected. In big game situations ice water runs through his veins. All he does is, "win, win, win, no matter what". When I first made the Top 5 list last year I had him as an honorable mention. He has since assaulted the record books and won another league MVP. Brady has 3 championships and 2 Super Bowl MVPs. That said he is still clearly one of the best QBs of all-time. Some might even argue that he should be above Manning, but I give his team and head coach Bill Belichick higher marks than Manning's supporting cast. Brady missed a season and his team still won 10 games. Manning is missing a season and the Colts are the worst team in the league.

2. Peyton Manning- We are watching him rewrite history. He is the fastest QB in history to reach 4,000 completions and 50,000 passing yards. Manning is an 11 time pro bowl selection, and has been voted all-pro 8 times. There isn't a  throw he can't make or a receiver he doesn't hit in stride. Peyton is the consummate perfectionist, but you could never tell by his pre-play antics. At first glance he looks like a mad man in disarray, but after the whistle blows and the clock has all zeros you know Peyton is the Chess Master. Defenses try to throw everything at him: blitzes, zone dogs, and every other scheme, to no avail. He will be #1 on this list while he is still in uniform with one more championship. Do I really need to list ALL his stats to qualify this? Peyton has missed most of the 2011 season, and the Colts are 0-8. He is clearly the most important player to his team in the league, and one of the greatest to ever wear cleats.

1. Joe Montana- The best QB of all-time. Four time Super Bowl champion. Three time Super Bowl MVP. Two-time league MVP. He holds postseason records for most career passing TDs (45), games with over 100.0 passer rating (12), and games with 300 passing yards (6, recently broken by Manning). The most important stat of them all, 0, that's the number of interceptions he threw in four Super Bowls! What more can you say? He is the very definition of what a coach, owner, or teammate could ever ask for in a QB!

Friday, November 4, 2011

NFL Week 9: Facts are Facts Again

Week 8 gave us some good games and allowed us to learn more about the teams that might make a run at the Super Bowl. This week features key divisional games in the AFC East, North, and West. The NFC also has big games, just not within their divisions. The cream will rise to the top in some divisions, while others like the NFC South and AFC West, the waters will stay murky for another few weeks. Fans of two AFC teams be prepared to grab your tissues because the Super Bowl season you hoped for is on it's way down the tubes. As usual the Facts are the Facts. Leave your comments, I want to read them.

New York Jets vs Buffalo- This game is a big for the over overachieving Bills. I said they have 9-7 written all over them. The division lead is at stake, and a chance to create a gap between themselves and the Jets. The Patriots will continue to win, so it will be a dogfight to win the AFC East. If Buffalo wants any chance of making the playoffs, these are games they have to win. The Jets are coming off a win and a bye, so expect this defense to play better. Rex Ryan is a defensive mastermind, but the defense has been terrible against the run this season. Did they make some changes and find a solution during the bye? We will find out Sunday. The Jets run defense will be tested by one of the league's most complete running backs, Fred Jackson. Bills QB Fitzpatrick will have a heck of a battle against Revis and Cromartie. The Jets corner backs are better than the Bills receivers. Any pass that is not in the perfect spot will be incomplete or will be intercepted. Expect a shocker. BILLS

Baltimore vs Pittsburgh- Terrell Suggs has not stopped talking all week. He may have a good game against the Steelers but the outcome will be different. The greatest growth of an NFL team is between week 1 and 2. The Steelers were embarrassed by a Ravens offense that has since been sporadic. Ben Roethlisberger has changed the face of what Pittsburgh is on offense. Traditionally, the Steelers have been a run first, smash mouth offense. No más, those days are over. Big Ben is throwing the ball 30-50 times per game. The Ravens on the other hand must run to win. Even without outside linebacker Lamar Woodley out, the Steelers should give the Ravens offense trouble. This will be an intense AFC North match-up, but the Steelers will be dominant. I picked against them vsthe Patriots last week, I wont make that mistake again. STEELERS

Green Bay vs San Diego- After struggling on offense and finding ways to lose the last two games, the Chargers will have to find ways to beat the Packers. Will the Phillip Rivers we used to know show up, or will the 2011 campaign struggles continue? The Chargers will break out on offense with the pass game, but that won't be enough to top the Packers. The '72 Dolphins need to keep that Champagne in the chiller, it could be a long time before the Packers lose, if they lose. PACKERS

Denver vs Oakland- This is one of the games I want to see most this week. This game comes down to one thing, quarterback play. If Tebow plays like last week, and the Raiders QBs play like their last game, the defenses could score more points than the offenses. I refuse to pick a winner, so you know what that means, you get a present.

Seattle vs Dallas- While Indianapolis and Miami are leading the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, Pete Carroll and the Seahawks have their eye on a different prize. Matt Barkley. I knew Tavaris Jackson was not the answer, but i did drink a couple sips of the Charles Whitehurst kool-aid. He played well at the end of last season, so I did think he could possibly, maybe, be the answer. Uh...yeah... I was wrong. Seattle is a quarterback away from the playoffs. This week the Seahawks visit the most entertaining and volatile team in the NFL, the Cowboys. Watching the Cowboys is like watching an episode of Jersey Shore. You want to look away, but you just can't because you might miss something. You literally never know what you will get. Tony Romo may win the Super Bowl. Jerry Jones might fire Jason Garrett at half time and coach the team himself. It's really weird because the Cowboys are good enough to beat any team in the league, but bad enough to lose to anyone. After getting jumped by the Individuals (Eagles) on Sunday Night Football, I imagine they will come out swinging against the Seahawks. I still expect Dallas to miss the playoffs, but they should handle Seattle. If by chance the Cowboys lose, the wheels will come off of their season. COWBOYS

San Francisco vs Washington- Washington looks like they are free falling without a parachute. They started off the season looking like they would contend for the NFC East crown, but now, not so much. After an embarrassing shutout loss to Buffalo, the Redskins look to regain some footing against the 49ers. The biggest question for the Redskins is, who is the QB of this team? Rex Grossman had a nice start to the season, but was promptly benched after a 4 int game. Washington is not a bad team. Some players are having a good season (i.e. Brian Orakpo, Fred Davis, London Fletcher), but their play is not turning into wins. San Francisco on the other hand is 6-1. After the meltdown that occurred in the Bay Area last season, no one could have predicted this start. The NFC West is nothing near a powerhouse conference, but only Nostradamus could have predicted the 49ers to finish above second. 49ers

Chicago vs Philadelphia- This Monday Night game is huge for both the Bears and the Individuals (Eagles). It's beginning to look like all the Individuals who took their talents to Philadelphia are becoming a team. With all that Asante Samuel noise coming from the locker room last week, I was unsure if the Eagles would let the season slip away. They rallied together and took the Cowboys behind the woodshed with the whole football world watching. Andy Reid is still undefeated coming off a bye week. Now the question is, can the perform like that on offense for consecutive weeks. The Bears have arguably the best front 7 in the NFL, but can they contain Vick? The Bears defense has a tough task with the Phily offense, but the Individuals defense has a bigger task in front of them...Matt Forte. He is the league's best dual threat running back (rushing/receiving). If Phily can't slow down Forte, this could be a Monday Night massacre. The "Dream Team" will get back to .500 this week and will be one step closer to catching the Giants in the race for the NFC East. EAGLES

Miami vs Kansas City- I predicted the Chiefs would lose to the Chargers last week. They were 3-3 with victories over the Vikings, Colts, and crippled Raiders. I still do not believe in the Chiefs because they have too many injuries to make the playoffs. The Monday Night game was more about the Chargers losing than the Chiefs winning. Well, the Chiefs sit at 4-3 and host the Dolphins this week. With 4 straight victories, and another game vs a struggling team, all signs point to a Chiefs victory. Miami, on the other hand, dodged a bullet last week vs the Giants. They almost won and lost a tie for the lead in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. I know teams don't really "throw" games, but somebody in the Dolphins organization is secretly hoping they go defeated (0-16). With Reggie Bush having his 2nd career 100 yard game it seems the Phins are picking up some steam. Miami has been close in a few games this season and they will end up winning a game or two. CHIEFS
Atlanta vs Indianapolis- I know there are upsets in the NFL every week, but guess what, this ain't it. Do not expect a repeat of the Saints/Rams game from last week. The Falcons will score a lot of points and win going away. Even though Curtis Painter is the quarterback, Pierre Garcon is 9th in league in receiving yards and Reggie Wayne is 18th. The Colts literally have no chance in this game, but may get a leg up on drafting Luck this week with a Dolphins win. FALCONS

Cleveland vs Houston- Well... make another mark in the win column for the Texans. The Browns have been outscored by 33 points this season. This may be due to the lack of a running game because the Madden cover boy Peyton Hillis is out. The Texans have one of the top offenses in the league and feature the NFL's reigning rushing champ Arian Foster. In addition to one of the league's top offenses, Houston has the 3rd ranked defense. What a difference a year makes. This defense was much maligned last season. Experts called them the "worst pass defense ever" last season. The Houston coaching staff did a great job in free agency, and with the transition to the 3-4. Jonathan Joseph headlines the secondary that is not only no longer laughed at, but are now respected. Colt McCoy and the Browns will show up and give a good effort, but will fall short in Houston. TEXANS

Good News Tennessee Titans, you are firmly in the middle of a race for the AFC South, and a playoff spot. Matt Hasselbeck has been a great free agent pick-up and the pass game is nice. Last game, Tennessee finally got some production out of the running back position. Bad News, the guy who you just gave $30 million guaranteed (Chris Johnson) is not the one producing. After three seasons of great production, his lack of production is inexplicable.

Cincinnati vs Tennessee- One would think losing Carson Palmer, T.O., and Ocho Cinco would be a sign of many tough rebuilding years for the Bengals. Welp, good thing one doesn't get paid to think, lol. Cinci sits at 5-2 and has a chance to win the division over the Steelers and Ravens. Andy Dalton and Aj Green are playing like seasoned veterans. We could be looking at the premier QB/WR combos of the future. This week they take their talents to Tennessee. This should be a good match-up even though the Titans don't have two of their best offensive weapons (Kenny Britt, Chris Johnson). Chris Johnson will be considered "out" until he shows up for a game. BENGALS

The good news for the New York Giants is Eli Manning is playing his best football and is an MVP candidate. The bad news is they have lost their leading rusher, Ahmad Bradshaw to a broken foot. Eli will have to step up his game.

New York Giants vs New England- New England is playing great offensively, their pass defense is just abysmal at times. If Eli can shoulder more of the offensive load until Bradshaw come back, the Giants will have a chance to maintain their lead in the NFC East. The Patriots should make the playoffs, but the chances of them winning the Super Bowl is low due because their pass defense is terrible. GIANTS

Tampa Bay vs New Orleans- When you add in the Atlanta Falcons, there is only one word to describe the NFC South, GRIDLOCK. With a loss to St. Louis last week, New Orleans proved they do not want to run away with the division. Tampa Bay has stated the season slower than they had hoped but lack luster play from the Saints and Falcons has them right in the thick of things. This game is crucial to both teams because tie breakers will likely decide the winner of this division. If Drew Brees plays well, Saints win. SAINTS

St. Louis vs Arizona- Both teams look to get their season back on track and build for the future. The Rams had an impressive win over the Saints last week. Expect them to keep that momentum going. RAMS


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