Friday, October 28, 2011

NFL Week 8 Facts

Finally, we are here, at the meat and potatoes of the NFL season. This is the point in the season where the cream rises to the top, and the rest fall by the wayside. In the first few weeks of the season, the standings are muddy. All the teams are separated by only a game or so. Now you will see glaring differences between contenders and pretenders. There is a lot of football left. I will let you in on the key match ups to watch out for, and players who will have a direct impact on the playoff picture. If everything about your team or favorite players is not flattering, don't be mad at me. Facts are Facts. Leave your comments below.

New England vs Pittsburgh- The game of the day! This game will rest on the shoulders of both teams defense. There have been serious questions raised about both defenses. The much maligned New England run defense will get a test this week when they visit the steel city. Old, long toothed, aging, and gray haired are just a few of the adjectives used to describe the Steelers defense. The Patriots defense showed up tough at the end of the Cowboys game, so I know they can play D when they need to. Since their week 1 shellacking by the Ravens, the Pittsburgh defense has ranked 3rd in the NFL. They are giving up 107 yards per game on the ground which is not typical, but the Patriots are not exactly rushing juggernauts. The Steelers defense is great but the Patriots have the great equalizer... Tom Brady! I'm excited to watch this game, but I think we will see a rematch in the AFC Championship game. PATRIOTS

Dallas vs Philadelphia- Big rivalry games in college football have nicknames. Dallas vs Philly. The Individuals were supposed to become a team and make the playoffs! Asante Samuel is making me doubt everything I said. There is an obvious fracture between him and the front office and coaches. I'm afraid his issues will spill into the locker room and destroy my prediction of the Eagles being the first 1-4 team to make the playoffs. I have Dallas missing the playoffs this year and Eagles making it, but who knows now. I will not pick the winner of this game, but I will say, whoever wins this game will make the playoffs. Since I didn't pick a winner, I gave you a Cowgirl instead!

New Orleans vs St. Louis- Sean Payton will be coaching from the booth but don't expect this game to be a repeat to Jaguars/Ravens on Monday Night. The Saints will cruise to victory. Which player playing in this game has 45 rec 674 yards 5 TD? I'll wait... Tight End Jimmie Graham. SAINTS

Detroit vs Denver- I wish these two teams weren't playing this week. I have been very vocal on my twitter about being a Tebow supporter. I also said that Detroit Dougies were in for a reality check after all that dancing on Monday Night Football. The Dougies dropped two games in a row, and I think they rebound this week. So if Detroit wins, I'm right, but Tebow loses. Ugh! If Stafford plays... Detroit wins. DETROIT

Minnesota vs Carolina- Cam...Cam...Cam! I did not expect this at all. The Panthers have had an opportunity to win every game this year. In the preseason, it looked like Cam would lean on his tight ends more and his receivers could struggle. Wrong! Newton is throwing for a lot of yards, and Steve Smith is on pace for a career year. Reality is, for now, Cam is a rookie and middle of the road passer.  He has only 8 touchdowns vs 9 ints, but to his credit, he is 2nd in the league in rushing touchdowns. With the exception of Adrian Peterson, where are the running backs who got paid this year (i.e. Chris Johnson, Deangelo Williams)? 
I'm really excited about this game, Christian Ponder vs Cam Cam Cam. Neither team will make the playoffs this year, but there is hope for the future in both places. I will watch this game and won't care who wins because I know I'm in for some excitement from Cam, Peterson, and Harvin. Superman is in the building! PANTHERS

San Diego vs Kansas City- This a battle between one of the most explosive offenses in the league vs one of the NFL's worst. The Chiefs had the potential to be a very explosive offense, but the loss of speedy running back Jamaal Charles and tight end Tony Moleaki have put a dent in the Chiefs offense. With wins over the Vikings, Colts, and the blowout of Oakland last week, 3-3 KC is very deceiving. San Diego already beat KC in week 3, but neither team had any outstanding performances. Fantasy owners: Vincent Jackson, Phillip Rivers, and Dwayne Bowe will produce this week. CHARGERS

Indianapolis vs Tennessee- I can only give you one good reason to watch this game: Chris Johnson. He has to get going soon... right? This could be the game. Johnson is on pace to rush for a whopping 716 yards on the ENTIRE season. This is why he is not on the top running back list right now. Back to the game. If tennessee hass any chance to win the division and make the playoffs, this is a must win. The Titans were looking good before Kenny Britt got hurt. They are now playoff pretenders. Indy is in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes vs Miami, but this is a game they could accidentally win. TITANS?

Jacksonville vs Houston- Andre Johnson may play against the Jags. Fantasy owners wait to start him until next week even if he does play. Jacksonville played their best game of the season against the dismal Ravens offense. Even though the Jags have a good defense, expect either Matt Shaub or Arian Foster to have a big game. The Jaguars have a really good defense, but the Texans offense will be too much. The Texans will have the inside track to the playoffs in the AFC South after a win Sunday. TEXANS

Arizona vs Baltimore- This is the perfect game for the Ravens to bring their offense back to life. Expect Ray Rice to have a big game vs the Cardinals 26th ranked defense. Larry Fitzgerald got the QB he wanted, the contract he wanted, but did not get the results he wanted. With no real running game, and no #2 receiver, the Cardinals are not looking good this season. Hopefully they draft well. With all that said, I'm not sold on Joe Flacco as an elite NFL QB. If the Cardinals can get a couple turnovers and Kolb can have a good game vs Haloti Ngata (Go Ducks) and company, this could be another shocker. RAVENS

Good News Seattle, you have one of the toughest stadiums for opposing teams in the league. The 12 man is serious. After a 6-3 "shoot out" loss to the Browns, this seems like exactly what you need to get a win. Bad News, Seattle does not have a quarterback. Last week, your running back Marshawn Lynch didn't even make it out of warmups. Cincinnati is a young team with a nice schedule that could end up 10-6 with a wildcard spot. Yes I said it... but don't quote me just yet. Expect AJ Green, Andy Dalton, and Gresham to all have a nice game. CINCINNATI 

Remember planking? New trend! #Tebowing

Miami vs New York Giants- Ill watch the highlights. GIANTS

Washington vs Buffalo- For some reason, I do not believe in the Bills yet (Don't be mad at me Drayton). Buffalo has 9-7 written all over them. Compared to the recent past, that is a drastic improvement and fans should be proud. The Redskins look a mess. Quarterback issues, runningback issues, and injuries are piling up. BUFFALO

Cleveland vs San Francisco- With the combination of being in the NFC West and a schedule like this, it would take a major meltdown for the 49ers to miss the playoffs. 49ers

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Best House EVER!

I decorate my house for the holidays with an obnoxious amount of lights but this is taking it to a whole new level. I am inspired! 1Up next year!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who is the Best RB in the NFL?

A great running back does more than just runs the ball. He has to be a receiver and the QBs last line of defense in pass protection. You have to take who is the best in the league on a year by year basis? Players have great seasons and establish themselves elite, some have bad years and make us question their greatness. You will notice the league's 2000 yard man Chris Johnson is not on the list. The list is not built on potential. It is built on performance and he very well might finish the season under 1000 yards. Here is the list: Facts are Facts

8.Darren McFadden- He started the season at a great pace and could be higher on the list, but this guy just can't stay healthy. You can't make the club in the tub. How long will he be out with this foot sprain?

7. LeSean McCoy- When people talk about the best RBs in the league McCoy is not a name that first rolls off your tongue. However, he is one of the best. He has 8 total touchdowns and as long as he stays healthy will eclipse 1500 all purpose yards.

6. Ray "Fried" Rice- His stats wont WOW you because he has not had a lot of carries this year. Between rushing and receiving he is a big impact player and most important player to the Ravens offense.

5. Maurice Jones-Drew-  a.k.a. "Scooter" (by Falcons LB Mike Peterson) The best running back in the league is a year by year assessment but this man is consistent. Every year he combines Top 5 rushing yards and high receiving yards. The most impressive part is he continuously does this without another real offensive threat.

4. Fred Jackson- He is averaging better than 100 yards per game and averaging over 50 yards per game receiving. He had shown flashes in the past but, now as the featured back is proving himself among the elite.

3. Arian Foster- This guy came out of nowhere last year. He is a prime example of what players can do when given an opportunity. He rushed for over 1600 yards last year and had over 2200 all purpose yards. On the heels of a 100/100 game he is clearly high on the list.

2. Matt Forte- Forte is on pace to be only the second player in NFL history to rush and receive for 1000 yards (Marshall Faulk). If he is able to accomplish this feat he will be the best RB in the league, unless Peterson reaches 2000 yards. PAY THE MAN HIS MONEY!

1. Adrian Peterson- A beast. Now that he has stopped fumbling the ball and become a decent receiver, he is a complete running back. "All Day" may be the best combination of speed, power, and elusiveness for a RB in NFL history.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Jaguars possible blackout: Move to LA?

As a NFL player one of the worst feelings is when you have a big game and the stadium is not full or when the other team has more fans than you. When I played for the Jaguars this was a frequent occurrence. Once the Pittsburgh Steelers came to town for Monday Night Football (MNF) and there were so many 'Terrible Towels' waving that it looked like we were in Pittsburgh. Even when we were winning and went to the playoffs (2005, 2007) there was still frequent blackout talk. Los Angeles is in the process of building a stadium to bring a NFL team to the city. The naming rights to the stadium have already been solidified by State Farm. There probably won't be any expansion from 32 teams due to the current divisional format, so someone has to move. Guess what Jacksonville, it's looking more and more like you every day!

It's Friday, and if the team does not buy roughly 3000 tickets there will be a local blackout on MNF. A local blackout on Monday Night? That would be embarrassing. The Jaguars fans say they do not want the team to move but don't support the franchise. Wayne Weaver has always been vocal about his desire to keep the Jags in Jacksonville. I wonder how much longer he can withstand the pressure of the big city calling with its big dollars. If the Jaguars do move to LA I wonder what the new nickname will be? Cougars? Blaze? Ligers (Napolean Dynamite would be happy)? Spiders? Sabers? Or maybe this will be the first team with a full corporate takeover, the Los Angeles State Farms?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week 7: NFC Power Rankings

NFC Power Rankings

As the season goes on, there will be some movement on this list. Expect the Individuals (Eagles) and possibly the Buccaneers to enter the Top 5 at some point in time. The 49ers will stay simply based on their division. The teams to that are most likely to fall are the Saints and the Bears.

Only an injury to Aaron Rodgers can take them out of the #1 spot.

The Giants don't "WOW" you in any one area except the win column.

This team could end up anywhere. Jay Cutler is a ticking time bomb for turnovers.

Offense. Defense. Special Teams. Good Football.

How will this offense play with their head coach and offensive coordinator in the booth?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 7: AFC Power Rankings

AFC Power Rankings

I have two words for you... Tom Brady!

Great defense and a running game will carry them.

With the recent injury to Jason Campbell, the Chargers won't get much of a fight in the AFC West

The Steelers are good but not great. They should stay on the list all season

Don't expect them to remain on this list for long.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 6 Review: They are who we thought they were

Well, well, well, what do we have here. The Eagles won ugly, Cowboys game didn't end well... for them, the Lions reality check has started, Bills lost, 49ers continue their run to the playoffs, and the AFC South is still weak. Don't be mad at me... Facts are Facts!

The Giants are a dangerous team

How do these guys keep winning? They had players dropping like flies in the beginning of the season but they have not missed a beat. Eli has been Eli... good but not great. With 3 TDs vs Buffalo, Ahmad Bradshaw has emerged as the featured back now that he has stopped fumbling. Nicks is clearly one of the best young wide outs in the league. He combines nice routes with an excellent pair of hands. While the Giants are winning they are not doing anything special. One player steps up each week and has an amazing game and they pull out wins. I still cannot buy them as Superbowl contenders. The G-mens defense gives up a lot of explosive plays. Buffalo had a couple LONG touchdowns. The Giants are a team that is not dominant, but if they get hot in the end of the season could be a nightmare out in the playoffs.

The Aluminum Foil Curtain
The Steelers defense is not what it was. They are giving up more rushing yards than usual and were embarrassed against Baltimore. Big Ben is a good quarterback but without a defense to clean up his mistakes I'm afraid Pittsburgh is no longer a Superbowl contender. Roethlisberger is a 2 time Superbowl winning QB, but he can hardly carry the team with his arm. Unless they find a fountain of youth, the Steelers are going to have a tough time getting into the playoffs this year.

Yea... So... Uh... About the Raiders!

Remember last week I said the Raiders would make the playoffs. That's probably out the window now. Kyle Boller is my guy and I've known him since high school, but I don't think he can lead the Raiders in the same fashion as Jason Campbell. All you Raiders fans thinking that Terrell Pryor will be Cam Newton part 2, I got some ocean from property in Wyoming to sell you too. Darren Mc Fadden has emerged as one of the top backs in the league. The defense is playing great, but without a good QB not even the ghost of Al Davis can save them.

Is it 2000 or 2011?

The Ravens defense is playing lights out right now. They are fast, physical, rough, tough, and nasty! This defense looks like it has the makings to be even better than the 2000 Superbowl winning team. Haloti Ngata (Go Ducks!) is the engine that makes this aging defense go. I'm not sure what is in the water in Baltimore but Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are 100 years old and still playing great. Ray Fried Rice went over 100 yards for the 25th time in his short career which makes him tops in the league during that time. This running game plus this defense are making the Ravens frontrunner's in the AFC. If Flacco can manage the game, and make the occasional big play, you could be looking at one of the teams to play in the AFC Championship game.


The Green Bay Packers are scary. Normally teams this good you say, "if they can stay healthy", but not the Packers, they won the Superbowl without some of their best players. There's nothing to say about them good or bad they blew out the Rams.

It's gotta be the coach

What a difference a year makes. Jim Harbaugh has Alex Smith looking like the player the 49ers expected to get when they spent a 1st round pick on him. San Fran is running the ball well, playing good/tough defense, and making plays on special teams. As a fan of the game of football I really appreciate watching good football. The 49ers are impressive right now, but the jury is still out. Their potential and growth will be judged as the season grows longer.

The Monsters of the Midway are back...Not so fast they were playing the Vikings

Why is Matt Forte never in the discussion for the best running back in the league? This guy is just the 2011 version of Marshall Faulk. I'm rooting for him to reach 1000 yards rushing and receiving. No matter how well Forte plays, the Bears will only go as far as their QB allows them. Jay Cutler aka Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, is a walking time bomb. The Chicago offense may be shaky and unreliable but this defense sure isn't (except last week against the Lions). Julius Peppers, Israel Idonije, Urlacher, and Briggs could be part of the best front 7 in football. Lovie Smith benched his starting safeties this week. If they can get the safety play together they could make a run at the Ravens for the best defense in the league. 

On a side note, Devin Hester returning kicks is nothing short of breathtaking. Every time he catches a return all eyes are on him. Every man, woman, and child holds their breath because they know a touchdown is likely to happen. He is appropriately nicknamed "Anytime"

The Cowboys will start this segment. The good news for Dallas fans is Tony Romo did not throw the game away. The bad news is he didn't win the game either. The Cowboys defense forced Tom Brady into mistakes and stoned the Patriots high powered offense, which is more good news. The defense only lasted 58 minutes and surrendered the game winning TD, which obviously is the bad news.

The New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton broke his leg and tore a ligament and could not finish the game. They proceeded not to "Win one for the Gipper", and lost a divisional game to the Bucs. Obvious bad news. You are probably wondering where the silver lining is. The good news is next week they play the Colts and advance to 5-2.

Weakest division update

AFC South... 0-3... Still the weakest division. Jaguars, Texans, and Colts all had a rough Sunday.

Power Rankings will be out on Wed.

The much maligned Patriots defense actually showed up when it mattered this week. It was about 3:30 on the clock and they had to force a three and out to give Tom Brady a chance to win the game.  The Pats defense got the stop and Brady took his team down and scored without a hiccup.

I don't know why I am mentioning the Colts for the second straight week. Call me crazy, but for some reason I can't see them going 0-16.

Just when you started to believe the Redskins were for real Rex Grossman had a flashback to his days in Chicago. If he doesn't get this under control quick there will be a permanent John Beck sighting.

The NFC East is the hardest division to pick a winner. The Individuals (Eagles) are still down even after a victory, but will come off their Bye and string together a bunch of wins. The Cowboys have the talent to beat anyone, but they rarely play four quarters. The Redskins, at the end of the day, just don't have it.

The Cincinnati Bengals could have a promising future with the Dalton-to-Green QB/WR combo.

The Detroit Dougies (Lions) have started their "reality check" I predicted. They just lost to the 49ers and the trend will continue this week when the Falcons come to town.

Too many injuries to key players for the Houston Texans right now. Unless the Titans lose a few games this season will be like every other, no playoffs.

Ladies and Gentleman... Those are the facts!

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Fact Is: Week 6

It's Week 6, and Facts are Facts!

Eagles are still The Dream Team... In your dreams!

There is no 'I' in team, and there's no 'D' in Philly either. This collection of Individuals called a defense "can't stop a nose bleed" (Bart Scott voice). Even with the horrendous play by The Individuals defense, Philly still could be 4-1, or 5-0. Dropped passes, poor pass protection leading to interceptions, fumbles, and bonehead plays are the headlines for Eagles highlights. With all this said, call me crazy but The Individuals still have a good chance to make the playoffs. They will scrape a couple ugly wins together and make a serious playoff run.

The Eagles locker room is in disarray right now. There are a lot of people talking and not a lot of people listening. Everybody wants to stop the underachieving, but they have only been together a short period of time. With the whole off season missed due to the lockout, the leadership they need to pull themselves out of this funk has yet to emerge. You have players yelling at each other, cussing, and talking under their breath. They all want to win and have ideas on how to win, but until they establish a leader and buy in to the plan the Eagles will be The Individuals.

This week: at Redskins - Individuals win

I want to give Detroit a nickname but I refuse to contribute to foolishness!

I predicted Detroit would take a huge leap and make the playoffs this year. So far I look like a genius, but I saw something on Monday Night Football that concerns me. When you heard Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, and Suh talking in the off season they expected to play well and make the playoffs. I understand most of the players on their team are used to losing, and were excited to win on MNF, but did you see all the dancing after the game? It was ridiculous! Players were doing the dougie, the running man, and cranking that soulja boy. You won a regular season game in the beginning of October, that's all it was. This reminded me of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic a couple years ago. A bunch of young talents...All Flash...No Finish. Detroit fans, buyer beware. These guys should still make the playoffs, but are in for a reality check. Hopefully it doesn't cost them the season when it happens.

Ok I changed my mind, the Lions are now the Detroit Dougies

America's Economy > America's Team

The US economy is more stable than the Cowboys. One half it's high fives and elbows and the second half it's tears and tissues. I hate to blame 1 person for all of a teams struggles, but Romo has to take blame for this. He has literally thrown 2 games away (Jets, Lions). Watching a Cowboys game with a fan is a hilarious experience. I liken it to watching the day trader analyze the Dow Jones ticker for 3 hours. My sisters fiance' is a Cowboys fan and he swears Romo is a Top 5 quarterback and the Cowboys are a Top 5 team. He thinks they should blow everyone out and it's hilarious to watch his hopes and dreams crushed every week. It's virtually impossible to predict the Cowboys games or seasons, but they are must see TV. You would be a fool to turn a Cowboys game off early. Whether they are up by 24 or down by 17, the game is NEVER over.

The Cowboys are the most consistent team in the NFL. They are consistently inconsistent!

This week America's team travels to Foxboro - Patriots win (this won't end well)

What is going on with the Bills and 49ers? Good News/Bad News

I hate to be the barer of bad news.... but, the Bills are going to finish 9-7 or 10-6 and miss the playoffs. The good news is this is a step in the right direction, and Bills fans finally have hope for the future. They have played from behind in every win, and that's not a good sign. You cannot keep winning games with a young team playing from behind. Fitzpatrick is proving himself a quality QB but don't drink the kool-aid until the ink is dry on his new deal.

Good news 49ers fans, unless you have a major injury you will make the playoffs! This will be the best season since Jeff Garcia to T.O. was the go-to combo. Keep your Superbowl dreams in your dreams for now though. The NFC West is still the NFC West.

Is the NFC West really the worst division in football?

As a former member of the AFC South it really pains me to say the NFC West is no longer the worst division in football. The AFC South is not very good right now, an 8-8 or 9-7 team will win this division. We all now know Peyton Manning is the most important player on his team. When Brady went down a few years ago the Pats still won 10 games. The Colts will be LUCKY (pun intended) if they don't go defeated (0-16). Jack Del Rio has imploded the Jags again and with no WRs and a rookie QB they don't stand a chance. The Tennessee Titans are looking ok right now with Hasselbeck at QB but the Chris Johnson who wanted a huge payday is nowhere to be found. I think the loss of Kenny Britt for the year is going to be this teams achilles heel. At the start of the year my money was on the Houston Texans to win this division, but injuries to Mario Williams and Andre Johnson have opened up the door for the Titans to steal.

It's really scary how good Cam Newton can be. I hope he continues to work for years because I want to watch!

Green Bay Packers are the best team in the NFL. #ThatIsAll

Indianapolis Colts- trying to figure out how they are going to draft Andrew Luck without making Manning mad.

New York Giants- have a ton of talent but too many injuries to make a serious run at a championship.

New Orleans Saints- least talked about 4-1 team in the league and we will keep it that way for now.

New York Jets- Rex Ryan has some serious work to do with that defense. They were talking Superbowl at the beginning of the year, now they talking about "Playoffs...playoffs..." (Jim Mora voice)

Ladies and Gentlemen... Those are the Facts!


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