Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who is the Best RB in the NFL?

A great running back does more than just runs the ball. He has to be a receiver and the QBs last line of defense in pass protection. You have to take who is the best in the league on a year by year basis? Players have great seasons and establish themselves elite, some have bad years and make us question their greatness. You will notice the league's 2000 yard man Chris Johnson is not on the list. The list is not built on potential. It is built on performance and he very well might finish the season under 1000 yards. Here is the list: Facts are Facts

8.Darren McFadden- He started the season at a great pace and could be higher on the list, but this guy just can't stay healthy. You can't make the club in the tub. How long will he be out with this foot sprain?

7. LeSean McCoy- When people talk about the best RBs in the league McCoy is not a name that first rolls off your tongue. However, he is one of the best. He has 8 total touchdowns and as long as he stays healthy will eclipse 1500 all purpose yards.

6. Ray "Fried" Rice- His stats wont WOW you because he has not had a lot of carries this year. Between rushing and receiving he is a big impact player and most important player to the Ravens offense.

5. Maurice Jones-Drew-  a.k.a. "Scooter" (by Falcons LB Mike Peterson) The best running back in the league is a year by year assessment but this man is consistent. Every year he combines Top 5 rushing yards and high receiving yards. The most impressive part is he continuously does this without another real offensive threat.

4. Fred Jackson- He is averaging better than 100 yards per game and averaging over 50 yards per game receiving. He had shown flashes in the past but, now as the featured back is proving himself among the elite.

3. Arian Foster- This guy came out of nowhere last year. He is a prime example of what players can do when given an opportunity. He rushed for over 1600 yards last year and had over 2200 all purpose yards. On the heels of a 100/100 game he is clearly high on the list.

2. Matt Forte- Forte is on pace to be only the second player in NFL history to rush and receive for 1000 yards (Marshall Faulk). If he is able to accomplish this feat he will be the best RB in the league, unless Peterson reaches 2000 yards. PAY THE MAN HIS MONEY!

1. Adrian Peterson- A beast. Now that he has stopped fumbling the ball and become a decent receiver, he is a complete running back. "All Day" may be the best combination of speed, power, and elusiveness for a RB in NFL history.

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