Sunday, April 19, 2009

Me and D

Thursday I was driving my 3 year-old son to school and it was amazing.
He was in the backseat talking and talking and talking about everything from the fire engine driving down the street to "his song" that came on the radio. He has thoughts, opinions, likes, dislikes, and QUESTIONS. So many questions. LOL! He is a blank slate just craving knowledge and answers. I realize how important it is to instill the right values in your children and teach them right from wrong, and the right way to do things.

My first tight end coach Alfredo Roberts said he teaches his kids, "There's no right way to do the wrong thing, and there's no wrong way to do the right thing". That stuck with me and I believe it fully.
The last few days I have been taken back and in awe because the most mind blowing sight is watching your child grow. I don't know if this has happened to other fathers like it happened to me yesterday. I had an "epiphanous experience of pure religiousity" (-Don King). I love my son so much and he wants to follow me around and do what I do and beat me up everyday. This little person that I helped bring to life is a walking, talking, breathing me. I love being a father.

It's so amazing how much he has grown and how smart he is in only 3 years. I look into his eyes and I see how he is full of joy and "wonderment" (-Ricky bobby.) I can't wait to see him grow further and see him get older. But I know one day I will wake up and he will be going to college, so I am doing my best to enjoy it now. My life is even better than I thought.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Opening Day

Today I went to my first baseball game in a long time. Opening day at Dodgers Stadium. I haven't been to a Dodgers game since I was in Jr High. Partially because watching baseball can be like watching paint dry and because it's usually so freaking hot outside. However, I must say today was a good experience. I saw in person one of the rarest things to happen in baseball and the teams scored over 10 total runs. Orlando Hudson hit for the "cycle". Today was only the second time in Dodgers history, the other was in 1970.

It was a little hot but bearable. I don't know how people sit at sporting events in insanely hot or freezing cold weather. You guys who do are real fans and troopers or just flat out CRAZY!!! You guys are the ones who make the games memorable and unforgettable because of the environment you create.

I don't know when I'll be going back to a baseball game. I got lucky. O.H. hit for the cycle, and there were over 10 runs scored, but most importantly it wasn't too hot. Great day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

America's Favorite Game!!!

The NFL owners and NFLPA must get the CBA extended. An uncapped year would destroy what makes the NFL America's favorite game. One word: parity (along with a little violence), is the reason why men, women, boys and girls love "the shield". In no other sport does the teams in the playoffs vary as much as football. Think about it, every year in MLB you can guess 5 or 6 of the 8 teams that will make the playoffs that year based on the year before. In the NBA, you know before the season starts who will be good.

The NFL has so few games that every game matters significantly, and anyone can win any given week. It is so hard for players and teams to be consistently great year in and year out because of injuries and salary cap issues. Great offenses and defenses are broken up every year due to the salary cap. It's bad for chemistry and for the players, but it's great for the fans because they know their team can go from out of the playoffs to Superbowl champs in one season. Lets take the Atlanta Falcons this past season. The team was in turmoil, they lost their best player in Michael Vick and traded one of their top players (Deangelo Hall), and they only won 4 games the year before. Everyone thought they would be in for a long rebuilding process and competing for the leagues worst record, but.... "not so fast my friend". This is the NFL. Things change very fast.

In the MLB, with the rare exception like last years' Tampa Bay Devil Rays the teams with the highest payrolls win the most and make the playoffs. Teams like the KC Royals, Brewers, Marlins, and Pirates who don't have the same money to spend like the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, and Angels virtually have NO chance of making the playoffs, let alone winning the World Series. This is what football will become without a salary cap. Some players have the misconception that money will be flowing like water for everyone, but that's not true. Just like when there is no ceiling, there is no floor. Some teams will have payrolls soaring past $150 million while smaller market teams will spend drastically less . In addition, players won't be eligible for free agency until after 6 seasons. The NFL is a very physical game, and injuries happen that end great players careers' early. Benefits will be slashed and so will post career health care which is so vital for former players and their families. The big money will only be able to be made after 6 years, and that's if a team with a lot of money is in need of your position.

An uncapped year is bad for the owners as a whole (only a few teams like Cowboys, Redskins, Bears, Giants) will be able to remain competitive. An uncapped year is bad for the players as a whole as well for short term and long term reasons. I love football and I want the NFL to remain America's BEST and favorite game. I love the competition and not knowing who will win a game before it starts. I love the NFL for the same reasons I love the NCAA tourney - winning the national championship is achievable/possible for any hard-working team.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ankle Insurance

Kobe Bryant, my favorite player offers basketball players security for their ankles!!! Many people have had to stuff their feet in ice buckets because of him, and players like him. Don't be a victim.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

1st Visit

I'm on my first visit! I just got to the hotel in East Rutherford, NJ. I can see the new and old Giants stadium from my hotel. I have a 6 am wake up for a physical tomorrow. This will be an exciting and busy week, plenty of frequent flyer miles. I have a few more visits lined up for this week, but you never know, the process could end quickly. I will keep everyone updated on the process.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

24 hrs and counting

It's official!!! I was informed today by GM Gene Smith that I will be released by the Jaguars tomorrow. I'm excited to see what the future holds and where I will end up this season. Teams have already expressed interest since being informed that this will happen. Ill be taking some trips to teams as early as this weekend, so I'd assume my situation will be resolved in the next week or two. I have never been a free agent so it's pretty exciting!!!

I just again want to thank my friends, family, and fans who have supported me throughout my career. The past was bright, but the future will be incandescent!

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