Tuesday, October 20, 2009

S'mores....hmmmm good

I'm 28yrs old and I had never had a S'more until last night. I mean I've heard of S'mores from my days of watching the movie The Sandlot (which is where I got my recipe from) everyday, but I had never actually had one. I love doing stuff with my family so last night we decided to give this S'mores thing a try. I went to the store grabbed some Marshmallows, Graham crackers and of course Godiva Chocolate (only the best for my first experience). Trying to get the perfect fire going is not as easy as it looks, but you know your boy is something like Man vs Wild, so I had no problem adapting to the harsh conditions of the 75 degree LA night. Once the fire was nice and blazing, I gave the boys their sticks, put some 'mellows on them and began to toast. Getting the 'mellow the perfect brown w/o burning it was a task I couldn't quite master until I brutalized 12 marshmallows. The sad thing is, the son and nephew are 3 and their s'mores were way better than mine. It was a great time. They love S'mores almost as much as I do now!! I highly recommend S'more night for everyone. Its an inexpensive way to have some good family time and satisfy your sweet tooth.


  1. And just think, you created a memory with and for you all. There isn't much in life that is more special than that!!



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