Friday, September 4, 2009

#94 Hout...Won't Do That Again!!!

First off, I am rocking an Oregon Ducks t-shirt as we speak! We lost last night but I am still Very proud to be a Duck. Now lets get to the real story. University of Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount has been suspended for the entire season! This is another Plaxico punishment. Another person who has been made an "example" of. I have never heard of a year long suspension for a fight especially when the person you were fighting was also in the wrong. LeGarrette Blount should not have punched Byron Hout, but he got what he deserved. Hout showed NO class in the way he hit Blount's shoulder pad and jumped in his face mocking him after the loss. Those are the type of things that happen when you do things like that. The NCAA is emphasizing sportsmanship this season and Hout's behavior was obviously not sportsman-like and inappropriate. BSU coach Chris Peterson even grabbed Hout because he saw what he did and how classless and unnecessary his actions were. There needs to be a 1 game suspension for Hout! If my son had done what Hout did and got punched, I would shake my head as I'm telling him, "Bet you won't do that again!". After the punch heard round the world Blount was walking away peacefully when people in the crowd obviously said some "magic" words that would even make a calm man enraged. People may disagree with me but I have played in certain parts of the country where those type of things happen regularly!

Blount needs to use better judgement and control himself even when provoked by classless individuals. A 3-4 game suspension for Blount would have been fitting. Media outlets, YouTube, and TV analyst talking about it was "egregious". I'm watching TV and reading twitter and the Internet and all these analyst and writers are throwing around these million dollar words and phrases making this the worst thing that ever happened. They are saying, LeGarrette Blount's actions are despicable, horrid, classless, and that they are appalled and outraged that this could happen. Seriously, all that?

Now here is the "gotcha, gotcha" because there is always a "gotcha, gotcha"...

Many people want to talk about Boise State competing for a BCS spot and a National Championship, but I will be the 1st to say they don't have what it takes. Let me just say, I like Boise State because their coach Chris Peterson was the WR coach when I was at Oregon, and I played with their Defensive Coordinator Justin Wilcox, but Hout got punched right in front of all his teammates and no one did anything to Blount. They stood by and watched. This would never be allowed to happen to any team worth winning a championship! If that would have happened to an Oregon, Florida, Alabama, Texas, or USC player it would have been a riot. Teams have to stick together through thick and thin, right or wrong, and have a "ride or die" mentality to win championships! They should have had to dig Blount out of a pile of blue and orange jerseys, but like I stated, I don't promote violence, just protecting my teammates!!


  1. The Oregon players seemed to distance themselves from Blaunt until after he went for the crowd. I think the 3-4 game suspension would have happened if he hadn't gone for the crowd, players, coaches and security. I don't know what was said by the crowd, and I don't know what was running through LB's head. I do know I could flip out like that though, and how I respond after my mistake would be how I would be viewed. Let's hope that LB responds from the incident positively and grows from it rather than spiral down. The DE from BSU should be punished somehow too, but he also was made to look like a fool on National TV, so that plus at least a game suspension would have been good.

  2. full season suspension!!!! bet blount won't do that again! . . . or 20 bucks says he doesn't learn his lesson and he does one of the following. . . .
    1)makes it rain in a strip club resulting in a fight or stabbing.
    2)kills someone driving drunk.
    3)kills some dogs
    4)gets caught with a whizzinator
    5)runs his mouth about a team needing their a$$ whopped only to get completely owned by the defense . . . . oh wait. . . that already happened.

  3. Blount deserves his punishment, but Hout shouldn't have provoked pretty much Hout got what he deserved!!! He got knocked the F**K OUT!!! Hout better get punished too, if he wouldn't have been in Blounts face acting inappropriate he wouldn't have been punched in the face!!

  4. Blount was already on thin ice with the coaches for missing meetings in the spring. Should he be suspended for a year=NO. But he should of used better judgement. He got out of control and his last play as a senior is a sucker punch.

  5. Amen.

    This is an overreaction. The media isn't without fault either...they kept playing up the illegal hits from last year, the "smack" that was allegedly being talked by Duck players (out of context). Jeron Johnson stated in an article that he was going to run his mouth the whole game. This was just waiting to happen.

    ESPN and all the others act like this has never happened before, self-righteously saying how bad it is while playing it over and over and capitalizing on the ratings.


  6. If Blount had a clean record with the Ducks it wouldn't be a full year, but he was already on his last chance after multiple issues in the offseason.

    Also if it wasn't national primetime broadcast on opening day on a slow sports news day, the whole country wouldn't be talking about it. Especially with the games being total stinkers, it was the most interesting compelling part of the day, so of course it became the leading story.

    Tragic for Blount, very sad for all of us Duck fans.

    BSU didn't help the situation any, by showing the punch on a loop on the big screen repeatedly nearly inciting a riot. Without that, the incident with the fans by the tunnel probably wouldn't have happened.
    You stay classy Boise.

  7. First, I have met Blount and he is a respectful and polite young man. At the Spring Game he spent time played with several developmentally disable kids. Let's not jump to conclusions on who Blount is based on a single incident.

    A Facebook quote from a photographer on the field reported on both Hout's and the fan's taunt at the tunnel. They place an entirely different light on Blount's actions.

    The media need to do its job and complete this story by interviewing people with accurate information about Hout's and the fan's taunts. Chip has made his stand...Chris Peterson it's your turn.

  8. ^good point-it would be nice to see the media do their job. If they're going to sensationalize the punch, they should at least report on the prevocation.

    I suspect Blount's suspension is a function of the short leash he already was on with the coaches and the fact that the antics continued during his trip out of the stadium. Had Blount punched Hout, then collected himself and left the stadium without incident, this would be a different story. Sad all around.

  9. Mr. Anonymous with your 5 item list, is there something you have against football players in general or just black football players?? You and ESPN seem to have the same problem when reporting on ignorance by athletes because the both of you conveniently leave out the white athletes or make the story so short no one will talk about it..I noticed you decided to mock and mentioned the latest cases which ALL involve black football players but didn't bother including Big Ben's alleged rape case or Matt Jones being caught multiple times with cocaine!! If you're going to mock cases then mock then all and if not please spare George's faithful readers of your ignorance and small mindedness.

  10. Personally, i'm starting to doubt that Peterson is a stand up guy and have lost all respect for him. Not just because of this incident, but look at what that #1 on there team was doing all game and look at the incidents that took place last year. Peterson needs to step up appeal to the NCAA and make Hout serve HALF of Blounts suspension. Yes, what Blount did was wrong and he should of walked away. Hout started it and he shouldn't get away with it like that. We're not only talking about a young mans (blounts) career here we're talking about a young mans LIFE!

  11. Thank you George, I totally agree with you. I am beyond sick and tired of people thinking they can say what ever they want and talk shit to whom ever they want, because they think they can hide behind 'the law' or try to get you fired from your job (anyone who has worked in customer service knows what I'm talking about). I had the exact same thought as you - bet this is the last time he talks shit. Furthermore, I'm getting tired of the 'Blount should be arrested because if anyone else had done that in public they would be arrested' comments. This arguement fails becuase, had they been in public, or on the streets, I can guarantee you that Hout would have never talked SHIT to Blount in the first place because he would've known he would get his ass beat - the reason he talked shit in the first place was becuase he thought he could get away with it, which is obvious by the fact that he turned away after his comment.

  12. i think that if blount had said 'hey you' and got his attention and hit him not so hard and ended it there, he could have gotten away with it

    but he hit him when he wasnt looking and hit him hard enough to break his jaw

    hout is a punk and blount is a man

    i called the radio show and proclaimed that this was a victory for everyone who uses taunting as a tool to get what they want and not face any punishment themselves - taunting is the cowardly act

    i am sure im not the only one who feels this way

    this whole thing has made me so upset as a fan that i did no work all day

    i think the team let down blount, let down the players and let down the fans

    i feel that a half season suspension would have been acceptable - providing that blount got squeeky clean with no more chances

  13. I'd suggest that if all Blount did was punch Hout in the face as he did, he might have been suspended for maybe half the season provided he took some steps to improve himself. I love you George but you're framing this all in the conctext of him hitting the BSU player, but the guy just went ballistic in punching his own teammate and going after some BSU fans, admittedly being provoked. It was really scary to see that.

    As a Duck fan I couldn't have felt very good about my program if Kelly had handed down a soft punishment of 3-4 games for something like that. For the player and the team its devastating, but its appropriate for those of us who never want to see that happen again, provoked or not.

  14. Good points George. I was initially mad as a hornet at Blount, but when I went back and watched the tape (guess I am a glutten for punishment) I saw Boise guys playing outside of the realm of just a physical game. Blount is a very young person, and perhaps he maybe he is even a little immature for his age. I think a few games and some mandatory anger management classes would have sufficed. I am very happyy that Oregon allowed him to stay on scholarship, shows that they do have the kids best interest at heart.

  15. Your completely right. How is hout getting off so easy?

  16. Yer all morons. It matters not what Hout's never okay to sucker punch someone. What Hout did was unsportsmanlike conduct...what Blount did was criminal.

    What'd Hout say? Used Blount's own statement from a few weeks ago against him (that Blount obviously didn't back up with his on-field performance) "Thanks for the ass-whuppin".

    So on edge was Blount that if you watch the video, Hout hadn't even finished what he was saying by the time Blount's punch was thrown, he got about to "Thanks for that ass-whup..."

    Anyone that says "Hout got what he deserved", answer me this: if someone says something to you that you don't like do you punch him in the face? No...because you'd go to jail. As unclassy a move as it is to gloat over a victory, it's easy to respond in kind or just walk away. Contrary to the opinions I've seen here the "cowardly" thing to do is use your fists.

    If LaGarrette Blount had turned to Hout and said STFU or just gotten in his face or (gasp) walked away...nobody would be talking about either of their actions.

  17. I'm with you George, The complete over reaction from the U of O is being driven by the media exposure of the incident. Sportmanship should be front and center but because of a bad decision or lack thereof doesn't mean the U of O should throw LeGarrette under the train. I would think that the University Of Oregon would be more proactive in understanding the situation with one of their students rather than trying to please the media in it's course of action. This incident reminds me of the old school marm walking amongst the students with a whip in his/her hand..

  18. The punch was bad, but the 5-minute freakout when Blount had to be dragged from the field was the real embarrassment. I thought Blount was going to punch a cop before they got him out of there. The punishment is harsh, but if nobody can control LeGarrette and he can't control himself, I don't see how the Ducks can risk having him on the team.

  19. Hey Anon, to your 'morons' comment I offer you this.

    While you cling to your First Amendment right to free speech, I will cling to my right to kick your @$$ if I don't like what you say to me. Once you lay a hand on me, you have ZERO claim against the 'BATTERY' I'm going to lay down on your @$$. Nothing criminal happened on the field, thats why the Boise PD did nothing.

    That said, do I condone LGB's actions? NO. Is there a line that can be crossed that will generate the reaction we saw? YES. You should look in the blogsphere, there are several photographers, reporters, etc..., that all confirm a comment was made to LGB about his Great Aunt (GOD bless her, may she RIP). But I'm sure you were able to see/hear/lipread that, through the back of Hout's head, as you sit there watching TV in your Blue and Orange inflatable tailgate chair sporting your Superman PJ's.

    Thanks George, for the great insight. I agree, a 2-4 game suspension plus counseling would have been more than enough. LGB has had a tough life, he made a bad choice that he regrets, but he still has this Duck's support. I hope he makes the best of his new situation.

    GO DUCKS!!!

  20. Seems like they are both little kids to me. No offense to your boy. I'm with you on the 4 game suspension...Houts a dumb jock who got what he deserved..and Blounts a cold cokking sore loser.

  21. Blount obviously can dish it out but can't take it in turn. If you can't take the heat in the kitchen then get out. When you trash talk expect it back in return. Blount got what he had coming. Hout never should have said anything but I get why he did. I was sick of all of the trash talk coming from Oregon and I live here. Suck it up Oregon and take your medicine. I'm glad they got their a$$e$ handed to them. THEY will probably think twice about that again. I do agree that Hout will too.



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