Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Leave Vick Alone!!!

I really wish that everyone that has something bad or negative to say about Mike Vick would just shut up. This man served every last bit of his sentence, he had everything taken from him and ya'll are still out for blood. You have got to be kidding me. Everyone deserves a second chance, EVERYONE!! He hasn't done anything wrong since he has been out of jail and it's like you guys still want to burn him at the stake and stone him.

I don't just hope Mike Vick keeps making rosters. I hope he has a Hall of Fame of career. I am now a Mike Vick fan and one of his biggest supporters, not because of his prowess on the field, but what he has overcome off the field. No one is perfect, we have all made mistakes and hurt people and needed forgiveness. Maybe you didn't run a dog fighting operation and were responsible for the slaughter of animals, but maybe you cheated on your taxes, or cheated on your wife with your hot assistant, or maybe you were a kid with no real parental guidance and got into trouble and all you needed was a mentor and a second chance.

Everyone, especially journalist are quick to pile on and act like judge and jury when things happen to people in the limelight. No one judges them for their sins or wrong-doings because no one cares about what they do. The same people crucifying Vick are the same people cheating on their wives, cheating on their taxes, getting in an accident with a parked car and not leaving a note, popping "prescription" pills just to get through the day, and stepping on anybody they need to, while climbing the corporate ladder. But they get on their soapbox, behind their veil of "I'm a normal person so no one knows my dirt", and just kick a man who is down and has already fallen about as far a you can and is doing his best to rise above it all.


  1. I'm right there with ya', man. Vick served his time, paid his dues and seems completely apologetic for what he's done. What more could people want?

    There are people out there on a daily basis doing far worse things than him and not paying nearly as dearly as he did in the first place (not to condone what he's done).

  2. I'm someone that actually like dogs more than people. So in a way I have some sort of resentment for what he did. What he did was absolutely wrong!! But he did his time. Solidarity is no joke. I wouldn't even wish it on my worst enemies. However, I know he is genuinely sorry so I hope Vick could somehow put everything in his past, ignore the folks and play some good old American Football like he was born to do!!! G*! Darn it! Go Vick!! And if he gets a lot of playing time then Go Eagles as well!! Lol..

    -Aj SHS '01

  3. Everyone keeps talking about "what he did" and I think it can be agreed that what he did was wrong and repulsive, but the man not only served his time, but he served more time than anyone who committed the same crime. So time for "what he did" has been served. He has every right to work again, it just so happens that his line of work is high profile and pays very well. Does that mean he is not entitled to work?

  4. If it would have been some joe shmo he would not have served any prison term. People can get caught driving drunk and kill a person and not serve as much time as Vick did. Too many damn tree huggers in this world that value the life of an animal more than the life of a human. These people spend more time preaching about the faults of others to make themselves look better. HAHA and another thing, What about horse racing? Its legal because its mostly rich liberal lawyers and politicians that own them so its OK for the horse to be forced to run as hard as possible but what happens when that causes a broken leg? They kill the animal. What about all those precious homes built in HIGHTY TIGHTY places (like sawgrass). How many species of plants, reptiles and insects became extinct when all that natural land was developed into those shopping centers, stores, golf courses and homes. Oh thats right it is OK because it generates money into the economy so they call it growth. So Vick could have charged admission, paid to have animal doctors on sight to repair damages done(like in boxing or horse racing) paid to have security for crowd control, sold food and refreshments, hire a printing company to print out programs, paid to get a buisness license, paid for insurance, charged people taxes, paid his state, local and federal taxes on the money he earned from that buisness, make all his employees pay taxes on the earnings they made, that is what the govt defines as growth right? more taxes....lol.
    BTW: If anyone is offended by my post, my thoughts or anything else I do or not do, thats tough! Life is not fair, get over it and get on with your own life.

    twitter @MKETCHENS

  5. I couldn't agree more. Every Eagle fan threatening to cancel their season tickets is a giant hypocrite.

  6. Jesus's words still ring so true, "let he among you without sin cast the first stone!"



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