Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hate is UGLY!!!

You know you are doing the right things when people are hating on you!!! The Lakers are the only NBA team that people just say they HATE, and for no reason. How do you get joy from seeing the demise of someone else? I don't get it!!! The worst thing is people who don't even have a team of their own and say "I don't really have a team but I just want the Lakers to lose". It is different if you have allegiance to one of our rivals. But to have no passionate affiliation with another team and just want the Lakers to lose is ridiculous. I just know that if so many people "HATE" the Lakers why does everyone watch them when they are on TV? Sounds like jealously of a winner!
Last year when we (Yes WE!!!) lost in the Finals it was amazing how many phone calls, emails, and text messages I got from people who I didn't even know watched basketball and who had never cheered for the Celtics. Last year it was all these Boston fans who magically appeared when they got KG and Ray Allen. That number multiplied when they made the Finals.

This year it is even more incredible how wishy-washy people are. In the beginning of the the season they wanted Boston to repeat, then LeBron was gonna get it done, now they all say, "I been on the Orlando Magic". LOL!!! Yeah Right!!! I like Dwight Howard, LeBron, Tim Duncan, Yao, Chris Paul, Carmelo, and the Birdman just as much as everyone else, but my allegiance is clear. I understand the hate because everyone wants to live in L.A. or a be Laker; the most important franchise in the NBA who consistently provides "SHOWTIME".
ACT NOW!!! On behalf of Laker fans we are offering you a chance at redemption. It is time to first, ADMIT you have a problem with hating. Then realize you really wanna be a part of a big time winner. We are attaching extra room on the bandwagon for people to jump on. Face your fears and don't look before you leap, we will be there to catch you! You will even get high fives at the parade!

I understand that one post by me cannot change those people with deep rooted Hater issues. We love you people, fuel for our fire! But those who are 1st generation Haters this is your opportunity to stop the cycle before you pass that ugly trait on to your kids, family, and even pets!!!

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