Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Giants Go Green...Size Matters

So many actors have gone to hybrids and are spokespeople for conservation and clean efficient living, but us athletes have been slow to get on board. I'm here to inform you that we at the New York Giants are "Going Green", or at least one of us has. Danny Clark is a 10 year veteran and he loves his smart car!!! It looks small (ok it is small), but you have just as much room inside as you would have in any two seat sports car. I commend Danny for getting out of the trap of "Bigger is Better" but it's funny. He is a big guy in a little car! He has rims, custom lights, it's convertible and has a Brabus kit on it ("they 10's, but he keeps 'em clean though"...LOL). All for a recession special... under 20k.

Players tell him they are gonna "pick his car up and put it in the back of their pickup trucks". Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, and Chris Canty all think they can not only pick up his smart car but if it were a running back coming through the hole they could tackle it. I know it's not possible because it's a car, but there's a small piece of me that feels the same way.


I wanna be cool like Danny. I'm really thinking about getting one of these things.


  1. That's a darn cool car for a darn cool guy.
    Great story.

  2. Right now I've counted 4 smart cars just on my block alone, and I love it when my neighbors leave their pretty Porsches or Bentleys to collect some dust and instead roll out in thier little (it IS little!) Smart Car. Such an in-the-know statement; LOVE this story and I'll be looking for pictures of YOUR new car George . . . hint, hint . . . :)

  3. Good Story George... So are you going to get one?

  4. Not a chance brother!! no one will be able to ride with you especially D



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