Monday, May 18, 2009

Very Impressive

Today was the 1st day the team used the new practice facility. Man, that place is 1st class. Everything from the weight room, training room , locker room, kitchen to the indoor practice facility is great. It has all the bells and whistles to complete all the things you need and most things you want. It is very fancy but simple at the same time. Not overdone at all. The completion of the facility will be money well spent. I like things that are very up to date and have a lot of features but at the same time simple, easy to use and classy. The new facility is exactly that.

The Giants have so much history and pride which is displayed as you walk the halls of the new facility and see the giant sized pictures of great moments in Giant and NFL history. I can see the owners and coaching staff treat the players very good. I met so many of the players today and they welcomed me in. Today reconfirmed my excitement to be a part of this team and franchise.

Hopefully the new stadium will be just as amazing.


  1. Sounds like an awesome place! I'm sure the new stadium will be just as impressive.

    Glad to see you in blue! We all look forward to a good year.

  2. If your free, I'd like to line up an interview with you for Blitz Magazine, hit me up at and let me know if you'd be free for a 10 min Q&A.


  3. so what number are they going to give you. Hixon has 87 and you do have the experience thing over him, but not sure if it always works that way. 81 and 86 seem to be available. also how does the depth look from the inside

    - Travis Beckum (rookie)
    - Kevin Boss (starter)
    - Darcy Johnson (practice squad)
    - Michael Matthews (extra blocker)
    - Lee Vickers (?)



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