Friday, May 15, 2009

NYC Here I Come

Today is my last day in CA until OTAs are over. The new start begins this week. There's so much work to do and many challenges to face in the coming weeks. 1st challenge, playbook/offense. The terminology and system is dramatically different from Jacksonville, but nothing a lot of studying and do diligence can't overcome.

2nd challenge, adjusting to new teammates and figuring out the dynamic of the team. I'm excited to meet the guys on the team that I don't know already. I spent a lot of time with my teammates and their families in jacksonville, so I wonder will it be the same in NY. I have heard nothing but good things about the team, character of the players, and the healthy competition amongst the players from linebacker Danny Clark (one of my former Jacksonville teammates).

3rd challenge, the BIG APPLE, I'm a Cali guy with country roots (Memphis, TN) who went to college in the Northwest, so I have no idea what goes on up there! LOL! I have a feeling I will find out fast. I moved around a lot when I was younger so change and new situations don't bother me, it's actually old hat.

On TV and in the movies New Yorker's are supposed to be rude and cold. So if you see me with my LA hat on and I look lost don't leave me hanging. "HELP YA BOI OUT!!!"


  1. LOL good luck in NY i think you and Boss will be a good blocking/PA pass team to help out earth, fire and um..... Eli

  2. wait! ....... Derrick Ward was the wind ay????

  3. The best is yet to come. God, family and hard work sounds like a good recipe for success. Go get 'em my boy boy!!!

  4. Don't worry. NY'ers are direct but careing. They speak thier mind, but as long as you can take it, they will respect you. Also they have excellent BS detectors.



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