Monday, April 13, 2009

Opening Day

Today I went to my first baseball game in a long time. Opening day at Dodgers Stadium. I haven't been to a Dodgers game since I was in Jr High. Partially because watching baseball can be like watching paint dry and because it's usually so freaking hot outside. However, I must say today was a good experience. I saw in person one of the rarest things to happen in baseball and the teams scored over 10 total runs. Orlando Hudson hit for the "cycle". Today was only the second time in Dodgers history, the other was in 1970.

It was a little hot but bearable. I don't know how people sit at sporting events in insanely hot or freezing cold weather. You guys who do are real fans and troopers or just flat out CRAZY!!! You guys are the ones who make the games memorable and unforgettable because of the environment you create.

I don't know when I'll be going back to a baseball game. I got lucky. O.H. hit for the cycle, and there were over 10 runs scored, but most importantly it wasn't too hot. Great day!

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