Wednesday, March 18, 2009

White Men Can Jump, Just Not Good Though!!!!

This is hilarious. If you can't complete a dunk without this happening then you need to play below the rim!!! How did he manage to do this? The funniest part is after it happens, he gets up and runs back down the court like nothing ever happened. I would think his ego would be bruised, but this guy doesn't look like he has an ego.


  1. well at least he has a career as a mascot for the Pheonix Suns lined up now i am sure!

  2. Cirque Du Soleil or the Peking Acrobats need to give this kid a tryout. He just bounced right back up. Like I said before, please bring back Name That Tune. I can name that tune in one painful low note, "The Hokey Pokey!" That is the bottom line because me and the singing, dancing hokey pokey Coach E said so!!!!


  3. LMBO hahahhaha!!!!!!!!!



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