Sunday, March 22, 2009

March Madness... I'm MAD.

This is one of my favorite times of the year. I love College basketball, and I love filling out my bracket and seeing how well I do, but it's driving me "MAD". I have had my eyes glued to the television for 4 straight days. I even bought the NCAA package so I can watch all the games at once. The games are so close and there is so much good competition between under dogs and favorites, big schools and small schools that I'm getting confused. I know who I picked, but while I'm watching the game sometimes I get confused about who I want to win. For example, I have Pitt making it to the Final Four, but while watching their games against East Tennessee State University and Oklahoma State University I wanted them to lose. Am I the only person who does this? Am I the only person who watches the game and wants someone else to win other than who they picked? I feel like something is missing... Where are George Mason, Gonzaga (before they were top 25 every year), Davidson, Valpo, Princeton in the Sweet 16? No where to be found 2 years in a row. I'm getting a whole lot of March, a whole lot of MAD, but no Madness!!!

I guess it's just when you see the underdog small school David playing so hard and being successful against the big school Goliath, that you can't help but respect that and root for them to win. Maybe I just want drama regardless of who wins, I want Valparaiso to win on a last-second shot, Christian Laettner to hit an improbable turn around, or Tyus Edny to drive the length of the court and break my heart. Between last year's tournament and this year's tournament, I'm feeling cheated! All of the number one and number two seeds are still alive. It's like if you pick the higher seed to win you will be right.

I remember watching games in the good old days and you didn't have a clue who was gonna win. One minute you wanted to pull your hair out because it seemed like it would take a miracle for your team to win, then when the horn blew to end the game you were jumping for joy. At the end of the tournament we should be able to watch "One shining moment" and get chills down our spines from the excitement and heartache we have felt from watching the NCAA tournament. I'm enjoying watching the games, but I miss the good old days!!!

Now I'm just MAD from March Madness. I'm MAD because the teams I picked are winning. I'm MAD because I haven't seen a last second half court shot to win the game. I'm MAD because I'm confused. I'm MAD because the underdog keeps losing in games that I picked them to lose but watching the game makes me want them to win. I'm MAD because Wake Forest lost. I'm Mad because I know the tournament is half over and that makes me sad.

And to top it all off... I'm MAD because I had to turn to the last seconds of the Heat-Pistons game and watch the Pistons get cheated out of a win to get the drama I was craving. I can't stand the Heat. Go Lakers!!!!


  1. i completely understand the whole "MAD" concept. only 12 seed AZ is in the sweet 16 but even they are a normal perennial powerhouse. i was so conflicted when Memphis was losing to 15 seed Cal State (insert any direction here). even though i wish there were some cinderellas i enjoy the brand of basketball that takes place between a Nova and Duke or a Kansas Mich St.

  2. I feel you bro. I wanted gonzaga's azz to lose, but that was a great finish to the game to watch him grab the ball and go coast to coast in transition and not let the D get set up. Like what we were talkin about the day before. I love this time of year, but you're right... not enough upsets.. not enough teams holding on for dear life and winning the game they actually should have won. I am glad however that the laker's don't have the best record in the league, and hopefully the true MVP will be crowned this year. DWade or LBJ... And by the way
    GO CELTICS!!!!

  3. I was pissed that wake forest lost as well. However I am a huge memphis fan and I know they are going all the way. I missed so much madness because I was at work, but at least I am getting real-time Memphis updates through this service

  4. I am a huge Memphis fan also. I look at the tournament just to see them play. GO Memphis!!!!


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