Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I know what is wrong with the economy and the country.  This is the new dance craze!!! Kids and ADULTS (GROWN PEOPLE) are doing this everywhere. I hate it. This is soooooo retarded. People thought the soulja boy dance was bad, this is just outrageous. Hip-hop could quite possibly be dead.

Please tell me none of you are doing this at home or in public.


  1. George,

    If I knew you blogged man, I would've been reading and commenting a long time ago. Well man it's good to see that you know and have identified the wackness of what hip-hop is today. Never in my life did I think it would come down to this, but honestly as a society we can no longer let this garbage surface. It's my honor to bring back this hip-hop to what it used to stand for.

  2. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA LOL!!!!!!!!! The Stanky Leg goes HARD!!!!


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