Sunday, February 22, 2009

Naked Skin

I have naked skin!!!! I am one of the few professional athletes with no tattoos. Lately Ive been thinking about getting one, but then I wont be able to stand up as one of the people bucking the trends and being an individual. (I cant wear skinny jeans cuz my knots don't fit!!!)

Me and my sisters agreed to get a similar tattoo as an outward expression of our bond and love. This was a couple years ago. They both have theirs already so now they are looking at me out of the corner of their eye so I'm feeling the pressure. LOL. I want to get it but then I feel like ill be like everyone else then, but I told them I would do it. Tough decision! But if I do get the tat it must be top notch so I need help with designs. GAM with a little 3 either super/subscript on the G.

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of people with tattoos and the number of tattoos those people have in the last few years. So many people, especially athletes have full sleeves, half sleeves, one sleeve, necks, backs done. Are people who have so much of their body tattooed at 18-29 gonna want those same tattoos when they get 40-50 and they get wrinkled or will they regret having all of them?

What's with all the tats?!!!


  1. I don't think you should feel pressured to get the tattoo. I'm sure your sisters will understand.

  2. Don't do it, George. The best way to show your bond to your sisters is to always be there for them, and....out of respect for them(and you) to NOT maim your body! If you must, get a washable tattoo, not a permanent one. That is ridiculous. All these people getting tats. Would they purposely scar their bodies?! C'mon, people! Wake up! Wanna be cool? BE cool! Don't be a fool! Colors on your god-given body doesn't make you "cool"!

  3. Screw the ink. No matter how sick your tat turns out, following the masses to the tattoo parlor in order to express your individuality will never mean as much as the strength of your beliefs, ideas or the love you share.

    Besides, you don't tag graffiti on the Taj Mahal.

    A tattoo is a statement that you're making for life. There are a number of things that I felt pretty dead certain about at 25 that I now know to be different, decades later.

    By the way, tattoos haven't always been cool, either. An ex-girlfriend who went to Princeton called tattoos "unemployment scars."

  4. The only thing is if you've promised your sisters or maybe not even promised but made a "verbal agreement" to get the same tatoo ie GAM then they do have every right to give you the death stare. I give my cousin the death stare every time the topic comes up. We, like your sisters and yourself made a "verbal agreement" to both get a particular tattoo that represented our bond and love for each other but she backed out at the last minute getting a measly little oh so popular star on her wrist!!

  5. George don't listen to anyone but better get that tattoo, or else!!!! lol

  6. why would you say youd het 1 wen u didnt want 1 anyway just get a mean one



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