Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have HOPE.

In my 27 years, I have NEVER watched an entire Pres. Address to Congress. I know everyone didn't vote for President Obama, but we must look in depth at the social impact of his Presidency. More young people voted in this election than ever before. That means the youth of America who have gone astray from being socially conscious are taking our country back.

My confidence has been reassured in our country and our leadership. If you watched and listened to yesterday’s address yours is too. In this time when banks are failing, businesses are drowning, and millions are losing their homes, decisive action must be taken. Since Pres. Obama has been in office, Congress has worked as efficiently and as timely as it has in a long time. Congress spent so much time in the last couple years investigating and wasting resources on steroids. That time could have been spent on issues that matter 1000 times more like alternative energy, health care, and education.  America’s leaders have allowed "politics" and self interest to cloud their judgment and their decision making which  puts us all at risk.

 People will read this and say I’m a professional athlete and I'm not affected at all. Wrong. Like so many other people I have seen my investments and 401k crushed. So, that led me to look outside and think, if I'm affected by this so heavily, I can’t even begin to know how people who are hardworking, tax paying Americans who have lost or are losing their homes feel.

Our leaders, banks, and crooked people on Wall Street are at fault, but the reality is that we the people have to stand up and take some responsibility ourselves. As Pres. Obama said we knew we couldn't afford some of the houses and cars that were bought. It is time for us to stop trying to keep up with the Jones' or live like the Combs' (Sean "P.Diddy" Combs) when our income, savings, and financial plan don't allow it. If no one else will do their jobs, we have to take responsibility for ourselves and secure our futures. That means saving money and educating ourselves about investing, and investing in our most valuable resource, our children. We must invest our time, energy, and values into our children. Children need to be mentored and have POSITIVE male role models and be taught about God.

My car was just broken into a couple days ago. I am angry.  But I'm concerned more for the future because crime spiking now is just the tip of the iceberg if we don't get this system fixed. I believe it is a result of us not investing in our children. I know there will always be crime, but these times are tough and people are up against the wall. Children see their parent(s) struggling and they want a way out. Kids feel like they have no hope because of absentee parents and the educational system is failing them.

There is good news. Since Pres. Obama has been in office there has been decisive action. You may not agree with everything and every bill that has passed or the amounts the government is going to spend, but the government is working.  We will recover. The President and government doing something right is not going to be the answer to all our problems. It's time! It's time for us to stand up and be accountable. We have to help ourselves by investing in ourselves and families. Read a book, join a Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, spend more time building your relationship with God, go to school, do something that incorporates learning and fun with your family, and love one another as you want them to love you. Lastly, but most importantly, never compromise doing what you know in your heart is right for anything.

"Don't be afraid to stand on a mountain of "No's" for 1 "YES"." -B. Smith

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  1. Great words George. I couldn't have said it better myself. Great to see you putting your voice out there. And it's awesome that it's from a former Oregon player too. I just graduated from there this past August


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