Thursday, October 19, 2017


It’s Thursday and the best ever Unafraid Anonymous Emails are here. Thank you all for making our Inaugural Anonymous Emails last week a success!

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What do you think happens next on the NCAA basketball probe and does it spill over to football? Do the football coaches get similar packages to what Pitino had at Louisville?

Please tell anyone who believes paying players is exclusive to basketball that I have some ocean front property in Montana that I want to sell them. I will never be the guy to snitch but I’ll say it like this… I would be willing to bet my bank account that some college football players have been paid to attend certain colleges.

Football coaches absolutely have compensation packages from shoe companies that directly tie to performance. That is one of the ways schools subsidize their coaches high salaries. The NCAA is somewhere on their knees begging the FBI to make this go away. Every Power 5 school could be affected in some way.

This whole mess reminds me of a quote: Everyone wants to eat sausage but nobody wants to go to the factory to see how sausage is made. We all want great sports teams at our schools, but we want to pretend the school, new uniforms, and facilities are the only reasons kids are showing up.

Why do socialist always oppose tax cuts?

First off, where do you find these “socialists” so I can go ask one. I am not opposed to tax cuts. In fact, most tax cuts Trump is proposing may end up being beneficial to my family. However, I asked a simple question this week that stumped everyone on twitter and Facebook.

Can someone sensibly explain to me how a massive corporate tax cuts will help wages for middle class and low income families?

You can possibly sell me on the idea that tax cuts will stimulate the economy (not sure I believe its true). What you can’t see me on is trickle down economics. Corporate tax cuts wont put more money in working class households. The highest earners just get bigger bonuses and companies will pay dividends. Corporations aren’t going to pay regular workers more out of the kindness of their heart.

I work at a tech company. We don’t have cubicles or offices, and all employees share a common kitchen. I am one of the company’s original seven employees, but now there are 36 of us.
It started out as this all for one, one for all thing, where we would share food, drinks, condiments, etc. It was all good, but when my Snickers in the freezer and ramen comes up missing and never replaced and I’m pissed and ready to go off.
Should I start labeling my stuff, send a memo, or do a sinister prank?

I feel like I can relate. As a pro athlete, you are constantly working in a community space. You constantly have to set and enforce personal space boundaries for teammates.
Now on to your options:
I approach this situation as “levels of escalation”. I’m sending a non-sugarcoated company wide memo first entitled “You take it, you replace it” that details the office etiquette as you see it.
The next step is labeling your stuff, and on that label detail the people who are on the approved list to share your items. This will really piss people off because you are indirectly calling offenders out.

If the problem still continues that means you have no respect from the offender(s) so you must escalate. I would either make food or bring items that look appealing to eat but taste like ass and just sit it in there and wait for the culprit to get what they deserve. Just make sure it’s nothing poisonous. It would be a shame to go to jail over this.

This is the best advice you can get… from a guy who has never worked in a traditional office environment (I don’t think radio and tv stations count).

Oregon Ducks: Is it not possible to put a game plan together with the screen game to the backs and a two back set with a combo of Freeman , Benoit, TBJ and Griffin…Tons of talent there…Or is it too difficult to bring in a whole new game plan...

While I agree with you and it makes sense in theory. It all comes back to one single thing. Burmeister has to be able to threaten the defense passing the football. There is no way on earth to win football games against Pac-12 opponents when they have ZERO fear of you throwing the football. Screens are most effect on pass downs or when the defense is blitzing.
I would never blitz Burmeister right now. I’d rush three and drop eight and force him to fit the ball in tight windows.
Oregon will have to be extremely creative offensively and take some shots on 3rd and short if they want some explosive plays.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


It’s the Inaugural Unafraid Anonymous Mailbag. Send all your anonymous mailbag questions to Anonymity is guaranteed!

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I need advice-- I told my friends I gave up on the NFL but I am still watching am I a hypocrite to myself or my friends?

You are a hypocrite to your friends only. When you told your friends that you weren’t going to watch the NFL, you knew you were going to. You are not alone though.
Most people hang out with people like them, so if your friends told you they aren’t watching football too, they are lying as well. I’m starting to believe there needs to be a support group for people in your position. The ratings prove there are a lot of people who are pretending not to watch. You should not be ashamed, we are all slaves to football.  I do have questions though. Do you watch the games in the bathroom on your phone? Do you pretend like you are sick on Sundays and stay in the room with the television on mute?
Whatever age you are is too old to blame things you do on peer pressure. Grow a pair and walk into the light! If you choose not to, please write back and tell us the hilarious story about how you got caught watching football.

Are you jumping on the idea that many are this year, saying LeBron has the highest chance of getting the MVP award?

Absolutely. The reason why has everything to do with guilt, and nothing to do with LeBron’s actual play. Last year LeBron had one of his best statistical seasons ever but finished 4th in MVP voting. It has become routine for us to see James average 27 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists. His greatness last year was largely overlooked until LeBron "stans" like Nick Wright got on their soapbox and stated yelling like religious zealots on the street corner. I can’t say they were wrong though. Now this year, the MVP is LeBron’s to lose. Writer’s want to give it to him because they will not be accused of overlooking greatness again.

The Casting Couches in Hollywood are in the news with Harvey Weinstein. So many women have come out to tell their stories, but now men have started to come out. We heard from Terry Crews about his uncomfortable grab by a Hollywood creep-- does sexual harassment or hazing happen in professional sports? Are players free to come forward? Remember what happened with Martin and Incognito....

I have never seen or heard of any sexual harassment inside of NFL locker rooms. Testosterone and machismo are bouncing off of every corner so any open sexual advances by a teammate or front office would likely be met with a fight.

I did once have a teammate who dressed up as a the SNL character “Mango” who would go around the locker room with sex toys including a 12 inch dildo and make sexually suggestive comments to players.

With women, I would say absolutely athletes get sexually harassed, but for me it was no big deal. It comes more in the form of groping. Ironically, it’s usually 45+ year old women who do it. They are like Stiffler’s mom from American Pie.

In Hollywood though, I have been in a few situations where I felt like a man was taking advantage of a situation and being much to “handsy” with me. I shut it down immediately and made it clear he should never do that again. I felt like it was unfair how I had to handle it. I had to be super discreet for fear of someone hearing me and thinking I was “homophobic” and just imagining sexual harassment because he was a gay and I “believe every gay man wants me”.

Frank Gore, he just passed the great Eric Dickerson for 7th on the all time rushing list. He currently sits at 13,295 yards rushing and trails Jerome Bettis (6th) who has 13,662 yards, then Ladanian Tomlinson (5th) with 13,684. My question is, is this the quietest HOF career you've ever seen? And why is Frank Gore not as hyped or talked about as he should be? Even in his prime, he didn't get the recognition he deserved...I would know, I'm a 9er fan.

Unfortunately, I am not convinced Frank Gore is a Hall of Famer. If he is, it certainly will take a few years to get in. It really sucks because he will likely finish his career 4th or better on the all time in rushing list. The Hall of Fame is somewhat of a popularity contest, and Frank Gore would never win in that category. The only other player inside the top 15 all time in rushing not in the Hall of Fame is Edgerrin James. He and Gore have something in common, underappreciated and a University of Miami running back. For what it’s worth I believe he should be in.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Why 2nd Amendment supporters need to support NFL players kneeling!

Gun owners and 2nd amendment rights people who don't support NFL players right to kneel are short sighted. This affects you in a way that you do not even realize. You should be terrified by the propaganda/PR stunt that Vice President Mike Pence and President Trump orchestrated on Sunday. Kneeling during the anthem in protest of equality and police brutality is protected under the 1st amendment. If you allow people to be fired, exiled, or ostracized for exercising their 1st amendment rights, you are opening Pandora’s box. Nearly all 2nd amendment rights people say they refuse to allow the government to control gun ownership and trample on their individual rights. I understand that many people don’t like, care, or believe what the NFL players are protesting. However, the principle remains the same despite the amendment. If you allow the President to influence you to shut people’s rights down then it will happen to you sooner than later.

Many people will argue that there’s no way the NRA would allow gun control. I would respond by saying that has been said about a lot of issues: civil rights, abortion, prayer in schools, etc. Look at where taking prayer out of schools has led. Kids, teachers, administrators, have been suspended or fired for bringing a bible to school or praying together. Coaches have been fired for kneeling in prayer after games. People get upset about people praying at school or in public, but then want to “Pray” for Las Vegas, Orlando, and Puerto Rico.

All these things go down a slippery slope. And the arrival destination is never where the intended destination was. Many people are frustrated with public sensitivity that has caused restriction on free speech and infringed on their beliefs. I will guarantee you that, if you support any amendment right being stepped on, a right you care about is in line and will be up for grabs soon enough.

The President has convinced us that attacking ourselves as Americans over flag worship is a good idea. There is no NFL player or media person that does anything except honor and support our military. Kneeling is about bringing awareness to police brutality, and inequality in our country. Patriotism is love and support for your country. It is also the honesty to recognize our faults and fix our issues to be the greatest country in the world.

This divisiveness debating patriotism and flag worship is nothing more than propaganda. Today it is about “shutting down disrespect” that is protected under the 1st amendment. If you allow or condone the suppression of people’s amendment rights, the guns and 2nd amendment rights you love will be infringed upon as well.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

LaVar Ball to Home School LaMelo Ball: Perfect Parenting

LaVar Ball made headlines again when a report came out that his youngest son LaMelo would no longer be attending Chino Hills High School and instead will be home schooled. LaMelo is a high school junior and the youngest of LaVar’s three sons. This has reignited the debate about LaVar's parenting. I'm here to tell you, LaVar Ball is making the BEST decision for his son LaMelo by home schooling him. I’m not even sure if LaVar realizes all the reasons his decision is this fantastic, but I got the answers for you:


Fame, popularity, and hype can lead to a loss of focus. Home school offers a potential for a better education, privacy, and teacher(s) dedicated exclusively to him. LaMelo is the most famous high school sophomore athlete of all time. The power of social media adds to his fame. Not even LeBron James received this much press as a 16 year old. So, imagine what school is like for LaMelo… It is very difficult to focus in a learning environment when every move you make, word you write, and things you say are recorded and leaked. We are not too far off from LaMelo’s homework, test, and report cards being leaked to TMZ or blogs. By all accounts, all three of the Ball boys are smart kids and education is a priority. It would be a disservice to his son’s education for LaVar Ball to leave LaMelo in an environment that would hurt his academic progress.

Pro Lifestyle

I’ll throw out a few names for you of pro athletes that were home schooled: Blake Griffin, Maria Sharapova, Tim Tebow, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Carly Patterson etc., etc.
Most elite tennis and golf players are home schooled due to the sheer amount of practice time their sports take. Even in basketball it is common. Most people just don’t realize many of the elite prep schools entire student body is comprised of the basketball team. They use a home school model to build an elite basketball program.
LaMelo is already training with pros on a daily basis. His level of competition is higher on a daily basis that most collegiate athletes. Pros don’t train around a traditional high school bell schedule.


All good parents attempt to protect their children from attacks, and things that can derail their future. LaVar is simply protecting LaMelo’s future by taking him out of High school. Nothing about his life suggests a normal high school experience. He is a potential target by girls, teachers, students, and the school board. This reason to home school him is obvious and pretty self-explanatory. Girls will see an opportunity of a meal ticket and good life by being the girlfriend of LaMelo. Some of these young ladies will be willing to do any and everything to gain his affection. Other guys at school will be jealous of the attention, opportunities, and financial status LaMelo has and plot schemes against him. Some teachers and the school board do like the influence, bravado, and confidence the Ball family has. It is hard for many people to accept the level of success of those who they do not feel “deserve” it. And for the good-hearted teachers and members of the school board, they will try to create a culture of  “fairness”. In an attempt to ensure they are not appearing to favor LaMelo and LaVar, they will inadvertently unfair to them.

LaMelo May Not Be Eligible

Many detractors will site a courtside interview with Ramona Shelburne, where LaVar says disputes with the new coach at Chino Hills contributed to LaMelo’s departure. I would argue that is a classic Donald Trump move.

When Donald Trump wants to get something done that may cause political opposition, he distracts everyone by picking a fight. A recent example of this is Trump’s new tax plan. Trump knew that the political analysts could be too critical of the new tax plan so he picked a fight with the NFL owners and Steph Curry. He knew the national news would be dominated by his fight and give minimal attention to the details of the new tax plan. This is exactly what LaVar is doing, distracting from negative press.
A few weeks ago, we learned that Big Baller Brand would be releasing LaMelo’s first signature shoe. An “amateur” athlete having his own shoe creates high school and college eligibility issues. Smart money says that LaMelo was not going to be allowed to compete in high school unless he parted with Big Baller Brand. There was no way that was going to happen. So LaVar picked a fight with the high school coach to distract from negative press surrounding LaMelo’s eligibility issues.

Preparing for No College 

Currently, LaMelo is committed to following in both his brother’s Lonzo and LiAngelo footsteps and attend UCLA on a basketball scholarship in 2019. I do not believe he will play college basketball. All the writing is on the wall. He is being home schooled, training with pros, and has his own shoe, which could interfere with his college eligibility. We have already seen UCF kicker Donald De La Haye ruled in ineligible by the sweatshop NCAA because he refused to shut his YouTube channel down. So, imagine how hard they would come for a household name like LaMelo Ball. LaVar knows this so he had to come up with a way to circumvent the system.

Master Plan

Remember what LaVar’s goal is: to have all his sons playing in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers. We saw how everything fell into place with Lonzo becoming a Laker, but getting the other two on the Lakers will prove more difficult. So, LaVar had to give himself options.
The NBA has a rule stating that you have to be 1 year removed from your high school graduating class to be draft eligible. Conventional wisdom says this leaves the Ball family with one option. LaMelo would play overseas professionally for one year like NBA player Brandon Jennings and come back for the 2020 draft. I have a different solution, and more likely outcome for LaMelo.
By home schooling LaMelo, his high school graduation year can be more easily controlled. We have seen number basketball players including the #1 playing in the nation, Marvin Bagley reclassify from graduating in 2018 to 2017. So technically, LaMelo could either inter college in 2018, 2019, or 2020 depending on what the family feels is his and LiAngelo’s best option for being in Lakers uniforms is.


Initially I was not a LaVar Ball fan. After I realigned my thinking and really objectively looked at his motivations I came to appreciate him. At the core of everything, he is just like all good men. He is a man who loves his family, and is trying to do everything possible to create a good life for them, and help them achieve their dreams. Some times he comes across as a braggadocios blow-heart, but aren’t all disrupters. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, and Phil Knight were all market disrupters and visionaries. LaVar is no different.


It’s Thursday and the best ever Unafraid Anonymous Emails are here. Thank you all for making our Inaugural Anonymous Emai...